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Topic Subject: Strange Registry Message + deleting Temp Files
posted 06-06-03 02:52 ET (US)   
Every two or three times I boot up the computer I get a strange message:

Windows Registry Checker
Windows encountered an error accessing the system registry.
Windows will restart and repair the system registry for you.

After that I get a message that a good registry has been restored and things go on as normal until the next time, a couple of days hence. Obviously something is going back into the registry in between and messing it up ... is there any way I can find out what?

I don't know if it's at all connected, but I can't delete my temporary internet files. I go to system cleanup but when I press OK it freezes. I have 13.25MB of Temporary Internet Files & 39.06MB of Temporary Files. I did a manual delete a little while ago, but lost all my cookies which caused untold problems.

posted 06-06-03 03:04 ET (US)     1 / 8  
There's some (freeware) tools on NoNags that will clean up temp files, without throwing away cookies.

The registry issue sounds more frequently means you should be getting ready for a complete reinstall...

posted 06-06-03 03:33 ET (US)     2 / 8  
..oh my, the rigors of a busy..busy user. Registry clogs..or partial entries looking for some way back into action sure can be just that..annoying.

Some basic you keep Gator..and any other spybot infested files cleaned out of your PC?

Cleansing the registry after months..even years to pure lily white isn't an easy's best to keep it as "pure" as possible from the beginning of your PC's service duties.

I'd look for remnants of uninstalls..items that maybe at one time were (associated) linked to startup apps. There's always the possibility of worms and trojans..yuk..though the more email related. .. (I had 26 "Hi there"..mails today) be alert to this faction of misery too.

Always like to ask..Has there been any major changes made to your PC recently by you...? Install updates for the OS..drivers, anything significant?


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posted 06-06-03 04:05 ET (US)     3 / 8  
Please don't mention those words 'complete reinstall' - they send shivers down my spine because I don't have my files backed up (problems with the CD burner)

Jay - what do I search for at NoNags? (I'm expecting an obvious answer and a here )

Answers to Et's questions:

I use the newest Ad-aware frequently (yesterday was the last time)
Did a virus scan this morning which came up clear
I haven't installed DX9 - when I installed the RoN demo it told me I should, but I ignored that because I was worried about it messing up other games.
I've recently reinstalled my scanner, printer, fax program & 56k modem, none of which were working properly (& will shortly be trying to do the same with my burner when I can find the disk)
My daughter has recently downloaded (& we're both using) a new beta version of MSN Messenger. Apart from that I can't think of anything new that's been done
I did use regcleaner, but I don't recognise all the programs on there and am a bit loath to delete them in case they're something I use.

Hope this helps

posted 06-06-03 04:18 ET (US)     4 / 8  
Hi GillB

The system cleanup tool that comes with Win98SE does not work when deleting the contents of Temporary Internet Files and windows/temp.

For deleting the Temporary Internet Files (while you are offline) rightclick the icon for IE on your desktop and then click Properties, on the center of the new window is a button for deleting these files. You will afterwards have to go the the same folder and delete the rest of the files. Be carefull not to delete your cookies.

For deleting the contents of windows/temp you will have to go to it and delete the contents manually.

What the registry goes, there is a small program called RegCompact. The problem with the registry is, that whenever something is deleted in it, it does not get smaller but instead it gets an empty line in it (you can not see this in regedit), when adding something to the registry it is not filling out the empty spaces but added in the end of the section it belongs to. This means you can have a 10MB registry with only 8MB of data in it, the rest is 'air'. I have used RegCompact for more then 2 years without any problems (I keep my registry clean).
RegCompact rewrites your registry so there is no empty lines in it thereby making it easier for windows to read the registry. You can find the program for download here: PCWorld at the top of the page. The page also contains some other programs that you might like to try out before you run RegCompact.

If you try searching yourself for programs that can clean your registry, DO NOT visit a site called, it is NOT what it seems to be at first quick glance!

Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the body. Pr. 16:24

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posted 06-06-03 05:29 ET (US)     5 / 8  
Gill I use a simple little program called "HD Valet" and it cleans temp files plus temp internet files while leaving cookies alone Also use "reg compact" and it does a good job of keeping the registry nice and tight MSN messanger is pretty buggy so that could be the source of your
problem(MS programs are bad betas) As both ET and PCD said programs leave alot of dead program bits laying around along with blank links I use a registry cleaner called "jv16PowerTools" which does a nice job.
posted 06-06-03 07:25 ET (US)     6 / 8  
posted 06-06-03 16:01 ET (US)     7 / 8  
Looks like you will soon be on the road to a healthy PC.. GillB

I agree with mouseTech *giggle*.. about MSN messenger, even MS has to admit it isn't a stable venue and has soured perfectly good PCs ability to keep their users happy. It's our youth who in their desperation to have instant "everything" have tolerated the MSN it's here to bug the rest of us.

Like PCD..I keep all the "air" out of my registry...hehe good description. I routinely check for any changes..every update..every new software install. It's amazing to see how much "extra" junk is added by some innocent looking software...demos,and shareware are the worst of the pack.


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posted 06-08-03 03:34 ET (US)     8 / 8  
I think I've solved the registry error (touching wood) ... I've managed to boot successfully 3 or 4 times now. I uninstalled the MSN 6.0 beta and reinstalled 5.0. Rachel did say she got some odd messages when she was installing the beta and I think it might have been a faulty download/installation rather than a problem with the beta generally.
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