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Topic Subject: No administrator rights
posted 06-02-03 21:39 ET (US)   
I run Emperor on a Windows xp box. When the game is started up in a non-administrator's account (my daughther's) I get an error -- No Administrator Rights -- and the game does not begin. Surely you don't need administrator rights to play a game! Anyone have a suggestion?



posted 06-03-03 00:35 ET (US)     1 / 1  
You have to understand how WIn XP works. Unless the game was installed on your daughter's non-admin account, XP doesn't recogize that it has been installed because you didn't give your daughter's account permission to access it.

This is becaue XP with the seperate accounts, limits the use of programs allowed to non-admin accounts. Admins can access everything of course. It was designed this way so more than one user could set up their own desktop and programs almost as if it was a totally different computer for each user. Nice idea, but annoying to Home Users in my opinion. I've had to troubleshoot this for friends using ME and Win 2K.

So you have 2 choices -
1) Make your daughter's account and Admin one by opening Control Panel > User Accounts > Change Account - and make it an Admin one allowing her access to everything on your computer.

2) Log into your daughter's account and reinstall the game from it. That way her account will recognize she has permission to access it. You will need to do this for any program or game she has the right to acces that she can't right now. I'd check what programs she has listed on her Start button > Programs, or if you aren't using the Classic Win interface, you need to go to Start > Show All Programs.

Good luck.


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