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Pharaoh: A New Era: General Discussion
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Topic Subject: Release date: 15 Feb 2023
posted 01-25-23 22:38 ET (US)   
It's official! The release date is February 15, 2023.

Release trailer:

The music sounds beautiful. I really like the new animated buildings. Can't wait!
posted 02-15-23 10:04 ET (US)     1 / 11  
Yes it has finally arrived. I've been checking all morning and managed to purchase it like a festival junkie. Its got a early bird discount for the first 7 days so thats me sorted.
posted 02-15-23 11:06 ET (US)     2 / 11  
The only game play changes I saw were "the Workers tooltip, the Fixed Worker Ratio or the Global Labor Pool ... disabling predators". Does someone know any more? I don't know what Workers tooltip means, but the others appear to make the game simpler and easier. (I'd prefer making the game harder, which seems to be a minority opinion.)

I expect to buy it--the aesthetics are nice.
posted 02-15-23 18:38 ET (US)     3 / 11  
I've been playing the new game this afternoon. It's pretty, but it's still rough. It's familiar enough that you think you know where things are, but .. then they aren't there or they are styled differently so you can't find the same information.

My biggest peeve right now is I can't figure out how to rotate the map.

anyone else playing?
posted 02-15-23 20:31 ET (US)     4 / 11  
Came back here to say hi after 1.5 years, cos I saw the new Pharoah game is out
posted 02-15-23 22:01 ET (US)     5 / 11  
@Brugle Recruitment system is actually switchable in options and the default is like the old Pharaoh, through recruiters instead of the global labor pool like Zeus. There are settings for the working population (age simulation vs. fixed percentage), disabling predators, unique or standard walker range, storage, bazaar, and dock accept defaults (all vs. none), allowing off-road water lift, tower and some other minor differences. All defaults seem to be to keep it close to the original. I haven't figured out what worker tooltips are yet.

@gerfderp, I don't think map can be rotated, which is frustrating for me, as I like to plan the entire map, including hard to reach corners. I also don't know how that works when things get hidden by monuments.... Missing the minimap too.

In general it feels nice and updated. There's a grid option, so you don't need to go into overlays to see it. Buildings will clearly show entry/exit points on the road when built and can be seen at any time by either hovering or clicking, I forgot. Maps are similar but not the same, Thinis is slightly bigger, which makes my original map plan not a good fit. I can't seem to find a map editor though, even though some maps are marked as sandbox. I guess I need to read through the game help.

I only played for a very short time - completed Nubt and explored some custom maps. More to follow.
posted 02-15-23 22:45 ET (US)     6 / 11  
@tomvujec I did find the ‘f’ key to flatten the buildings to get around the lack of rotation.

I too am missing the mini map.
posted 02-18-23 08:45 ET (US)     7 / 11  
Hi everyone, long time no see!

Iīve played a few missions and reached Timna. Battles have been changed, a new screen opens where the battle takes place automatically and you canīt control troops at all. I think most people donīt like this.
posted 02-18-23 11:48 ET (US)     8 / 11  
There are loads of bugs in the messaging. Chief overseer says there are no military threats just after the pop-up declares an impending invasion.

Importing "as needed" doesn't seem to work.. or if it does it's invisible. I have taken to always setting a limit to ensure stuff shows up in my storage yards.

On the upside, global labor pool is a massive improvement in map management. I started with Zeus decades ago so that seems "normal" to me.

I discovered that you can use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out on the map.. It's not quite a mini map, but it's pretty close and it's a live view. I miss the mini map less. I still miss rotation, but it's not a killer for me.
posted 02-20-23 10:51 ET (US)     9 / 11  
A new feature: You can give a dock orders which goods to trade.
posted 02-21-23 08:57 ET (US)     10 / 11  
After playing a couple of missions I found a few additional things.
Very hard (and very easy) difficulty level is missing. I enjoyed playing the original Pharaoh on very hard, so I might miss that.
Physician is brought in earlier in tutorial missions - in Thinis, I was surprised by the plague, as my old Pharaoh Thinis map didn't have a Physician on it.
Cutting off kingdom road doesn't cause settlers to go straight to houses, they still follow it, apparently minimizing the number of tiles without the road they need to cross. I haven't reached trade missions yet, but I am suspecting this will influence traders as well. I guess I'll need to plan for road building to optimize kingdom road as well.
posted 02-25-23 00:02 ET (US)     11 / 11  
I just recently started playing ANE, and I'm conflicted. At its core, it feels like the original Pharaoh, but kind of a downgrade. The UI is a clunky, and a little too intrusive for my tastes, and the game play is randomly buggy as all get out -- ranging from minor visual/audio quirks, to random game mechanics suddenly not working, to corrupted save files. I've had to put my currently playthrough on hold due to the last problem. I think once they get things all sorted, ANE could actually be as fun as the original Pharaoh.

Sidenote: it's my first time back on these forums in like 20 years.
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