posted 04-14-23 14:10 ET (US)   
Currently up to Behdet (I do that one before Abedju as Abedju is a bit tougher, plus I won it on Pharaoh on Very Hard just before I bought the 'New Era' version.

Update: Won this in 71 months, with 15 culture, 49 prosperity, 61 kingdom. So, even faster than the first invasion, lol.

Update 2: Won Selima Oasis in 33 months on Hard. It feels like playing a totally different game :P

Have made the settings a bit easier, with a 'global labor pool' (kinda like on Zeus) for this run-through.

It's too bad that New Era doesn't have a 'Very Hard' setting, as I really enjoyed the challenge of winning all the Archaic missions without ever going into debt. Still, this will be good practice - especially since I didn't even get through most of the Old Kingdom missions in the past, but going through the forums here and a few videos has helped make things easier.

Also, it seems New Era doesn't have the 'Monument Speedup' the way Cleopatra did. So things could be a little grindy at times :P

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