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Topic Subject: Caesar IV crashes during battles?
posted 07-18-22 19:00 ET (US)   
I have v. 1.2 downloaded from GOG running on a Dell T1700 quad-core desktop, integrated video, 1600x900 display, Win-10 64 bit, 16 GB RAM. The game pretty consistently crashes during battles (invasions). It does not crash at other times. When the crash occurs. the program just closes, as if I never ran it. Sort of frustrating. Other than running the graphics at 1600x900, I'm not pushing the graphics hard at all.

posted 07-23-22 12:56 ET (US)     1 / 4  
Is Caesar 4 good?
posted 07-23-22 20:32 ET (US)     2 / 4  
It's hard to say a game is good when I seem to spend most of my time sorting out bugs. I just learned that if you build the drill yard too close too another building your troops can get in but can't get out. If they can't get out, no other troops can get in to train. Strange.
posted 08-20-22 18:55 ET (US)     3 / 4  
There are occasionally bugs with the military. Failing to return to their home, glitching and getting stuck, and crashes. Usually I have no problems at all though. I just load an autosave and the next time it doesn't have the same bug.
posted 08-21-22 11:32 ET (US)     4 / 4  
I think I had the same problem years ago, but not sure of the solution. Try turning off "Anti Aliasing" in the Settings.
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