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Topic Subject: Farm not working
posted 06-18-22 17:54 ET (US)   

I have notice that some of my farms are not working properly, usually happen with the sheep ones, but some times happen with cattle.

Any idea or suggestions? The farm said "working" but never generate any wool
posted 06-19-22 12:32 ET (US)     1 / 1  
Hi there

There are few possibilities:

1/ You already have a farm of the same type closer to the houses. Try to group together farms of the same type.

2/ There aren't enough workers. In that case the farm is technically working but very slow. For example, a sheep farm takes about a year to produce its first wool but if you have, lets say, 5 workers out of the requited 31, it will take about six years for the first wool to be produced.

3/ The sheep/cattle pasture is too far from the farm /100 tiles or more/. Keep the pasture and the farm as close to each other as you can.

4/ Zoom in on the pasture and check out if you have any sheep/cattle inside. If there isn't any, destroy and build again.

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