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Topic Subject: Insula stay vacant because of too little entertainment?
posted 02-07-22 21:37 ET (US)   
I've been playing the Tigis map last couple of days and something really strange happened.

In the second year the newly built insula keep staying vacant because of "too little entertainment". I have abundant of food, goods, money. The pleb and equites are content. I build 14 new insula and only one got "immigrants on the way".

But if I wait for like 6 months more the plebs start to come into some of those 13 insula. Meanwhile it's always vacant because of too little entertainment.

There is a mechanic in the game to stop cities from growing too fast I think?

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posted 02-08-22 14:32 ET (US)     1 / 2  
Plebs don't need entertainment, so that's a bit odd. Did you place markets and a fountain? Is there plenty of food and how are the tax rates? Is there too much unemployment?

I don't remember how long it takes for the immigrants to move in, but 6 months sounds too long. Have you tried placing less than 14? What happens with 5? Same time delay?
posted 02-08-22 21:23 ET (US)     2 / 2  
I had abundant cash, normal tax rate, plenty of food and goods and a huge number of open pleb jobs.

I was in my second year into the game and was planning to fill the pleb section of the third and fourth block of the city. I used your Tingis city layout with four blocks sharing a colosseum so you definitely know what I'm talking about here hehe.

The third and fourth block already have a fountain, a clinic, a shrine etc. I don't think that'd be an issue because even if we don't have all that services the plebs should still have moved in and they'd only complain or leave later if we couldn't provide them with such. Same with tax rate or food or goods or jobs.

I tried with 2,4,8 insula and the result stayed the same. Only one insula got the "immigrants on the way" the rest just stayed vacant.

Imo the only explanation is there's some mechanic in the game, or in that Tingis scenario only to stop the city from growing too fast. Because with the rate the city was growing I'd finish the map even before the invasion start. The security rating won't drop and I won't even have to fix that. It'll just defeat the whole purpose of the scenario I guess. They made it impossible to buy off the invasion to give us some challenge about the security rating I think.

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