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Topic Subject: Dealing with fire
posted 07-20-21 02:20 ET (US)   
I never used to have this problem, but the latest round of binging Caesar IV has seen massive waves of fire over the whole city like 6 years in. I have Hella prefects, including 4 in the little block that goes up in flames entirely. Is there a way to stop the burnination without eliminating fire entirely with cheats? Could I be doing something that makes my city more susceptible to fire?
posted 07-20-21 16:14 ET (US)     1 / 2  
Hi PraiseBacchus

Yes fires are a pain and too many prefects often makes things worse. Have a look here
and here for some posts on the subject.

If you use the search function to find all the old posts, you'll see that fires have always been a problem.
posted 07-21-21 17:53 ET (US)     2 / 2  
I couldn't find search tbh, I didn't look at the bottom of the screen the first twelve times. But thank you. I set it at slow and it didn't work so I gave in and disabled fire. Fortunately it worked for me.
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