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Topic Subject:Red trade route lines missing on new level Emesa
posted 10-03-20 15:24 ET (US)         
Hi, So I've finally made my first level called Emesa.
The only thing I could not get working were the red trade route line.
I can see them in the Editor but they dont appear once I open a trade route when playing the game.

Is this a know issue with the Editor?

Regards A
posted 10-04-20 03:57 ET (US)     1 / 2       
Well, I'm really out of my depth here but this section of the Editor Guide might be relevant:

Trade routes
You may remember that in the game, trade routes are marked with red lines. To set these up for your scenario, follow these steps:

Select the city for which you want to set up the trade route
There’s a checkbox at the bottom of the screen that says “Show UI”. It’s approximately in the middle of the screen, almost hidden in the border. Uncheck it
At the right side of the screen, about halfway down, two new checkboxes have appeared now:
Show All Trade Waypoints
Trade Waypoints
The first checkbox will do exactly as it says: it shows the trade routes from every city on the map. The second checkbox is used to add waypoints for the currently selected city.

To place the trade route, check the “Trade Waypoints” checkbox, then click on the map. The first time you click, nothing happens, but the second time, a red traderoute line will appear between the location of your first and second click. Click again to extend the traderoute. To remove an erroneously placed trade waypoint, right-click on it. One caveat: you can’t “insert” waypoints on an already placed trade route, nor can you move them.
posted 01-22-21 19:50 ET (US)     2 / 2       
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