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Topic Subject: Entertainment Advisor audio bug noted. . .
posted 11-19-19 05:33 ET (US)   

Advisor menu > Entertainment

We've all heard the "With such a dull city" speech
from the Entertainment advisor, but do any of you recall
hearing anything when you have perfect coverage
from all of your entertainment venues?

Best I can tell, it is supposed to play the file

"There are so many exciting shows and games in town,
we have people lined up, wanting to move here."

I don't ever recall hearing that particular audio track
in any mode/scenario, under patch 1.2 that I've played,
though I haven't run through them all. . . yet. ;-)

Always the curious sort, I did some poking around.

Using the program called "Process Monitor", I determined
that the CaesarIV program never actually attempts to open
that MP3 when you click on the Entertainment Advisor.

(Process monitor dutifully reports successful, and failed
disk operations, including attempts to open files that
don't exist.)

I tried searching through the .CS and .XML files,
for references to advisor audio, but could find nothing.

So, for the moment, it is buried further in the code
for my admittedly limited skill set.
posted 11-21-19 16:18 ET (US)     1 / 2  
Well, I'd never noticed that. I've always concentrated on the numbers and never really listened.
posted 07-08-20 16:18 ET (US)     2 / 2  
Sorry, but I find the advisors, the labour one in particular, annoying, and so I permanently mute them. I play the game better without them.
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