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Topic Subject: Equites claim 'Pay is drastically low' even when on Maximum possible
posted 07-02-12 21:54 ET (US)   
I have a very annoying problem in which the equites claim their pay is drastically low even when it's on the maximum i can give (48). usually it's on and off, one moment they say it's very low and the other moment they say it's very high. the big problem is that ususally they claim it's too low for quite a long time causing their happiness to decrease drastically - and than they leave the city in great numbers, casuing a fatal chain reaction in which my city can't function properly.
does anyone know what causes this?
Thanks in advance.
posted 07-03-12 06:48 ET (US)     1 / 6  
Welcome CaeserShadow.

The problem is usually the amount of money in the treasury.

When you have less than about 1,000 denarii in the the treasury, the Equites become unhappy. I think the theory is that there will not be enough money to pay their salaries at the end of the month. So raising their pay actually makes things worse.

I find that giving them more food types keeps them happy even when the treasury drops to a few hundred denarii. In fact, my solution to all unhappiness is to let everyone have more types of food and goods.

And stay out of debt. Debt makes all your citizens unhappy and hits your favour rating too.
posted 07-05-20 07:15 ET (US)     2 / 6  
Wow if only I knew you had to maintain a minimum treasury balance of 1K denarii to keep the equites from leaving I would have saved a whole days worth of play. I couldnt understand why they kept leaving and then the patrician estates would devolve badly. Was this information in the tutorial or where did you find this key piece of information from? Anyways thanks to this post my prosperity rating picked up within minutes as I maintained the 1K treasury. In the process of figuring out this until I read this post I piled up 37K in my personal savings but sadly it was the last campaign in republic mode and I cant take it to the Empire mode.
posted 07-08-20 15:42 ET (US)     3 / 6  
The unhappiness may also occur if you leave it too long before making a luxury good available for them.

The way I get around it when it happens, is to have more than I need, making a library and school active while two base villas out of 6 (the other 4 yet to be placed) are vacant. I simply mothball the education buildings and place new domus in their designated vacant spot.
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