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Caesar IV: Game Help
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Topic Subject: For those with Trade Route crashes - a fix (maybe)
posted 10-05-06 19:08 ET (US)   
There is a sticky here at the Tilted Mill forums with a possible solution for those who are crashing and burning when you attempt to open trade routes.

Two caveats for this fix:

First, it won't solve every instance of crash-and-burn. If you're suffering from random crashes, it probably won't help. But if you're locking up and crashing only in the trade route screen, this may fix the problem.

Second, because it involves editing one of the game's configuration files, you'll get a big ol' "You Cheated!" message when you complete each scenario, so it's unsuitable for online play.

Short version of the fix:

1. Find the \sierra\caesar iv\data\NewConstants.txt file
2. It's read-only, so you'll need to toggle that off from the file properties
3. Open the file and search for this line:


4. Change bool;1 to bool;0, save, close the file and make it read-only again.

Launch game and enjoy your new trading capability.

Hope this is helpful.


posted 10-06-06 04:31 ET (US)     1 / 12  
That fix worked for me.

It's a solution for a very specific crash, when you're in the trade screen, trying to open a new trade route, and it asks if you want to. (You were probably just clicking around at random, you know, when you clicked "Open trade route", so it needs to make sure that you actually meant for it to do what you told it to do.) Anyway, it's a yes/no question, and when you click either one, it sometimes crashes with a system error. It happens irregularly, but very often.

For me, I can tell that this happened because the cursor over the question window turns into the normal system cursor instead of the game cursor, and the game is unresponsive. I have to Ctrl-Alt-Del out of it and get into task manager before I finally see the system error screen.

(I wish I could edit the screen, so I could change that "Yes" button to read, "Did I tell you to open the trade route? I told you to open the trade route. Why are you asking whether you should do what I told you to do? So open the fracking trade route already!")

posted 10-06-06 19:50 ET (US)     2 / 12  
I envy you the ability to get out of the lockup with the ol' three-fingered salute. Mine locked up so badly that the only thing I could do was push the "reset" button. For the few scenarios that I played where this was an issue, it did resolve itself over time; typically in about a game year or so. But Grumpus trained me so well (debt is not allowed) that having to wait that year was maddeningly frustrating.
posted 10-08-06 09:05 ET (US)     3 / 12  
I think you said elsewhere that your crashes (also?)happen randomly at different points. If so, your problem isn't this problem. You might try keeping a close eye on the system and application error logs. Clean them out before starting the game, then check them again after a crash, and see if they offer any hints about what's going on.

Something has to be pretty mangled if your only option is the reset button or power switch, and that usually, not always but usually, means a driver issue.

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posted 10-08-06 14:39 ET (US)     4 / 12  
No, I've never had a random crash problem. You're probably thinking of someone else. Of course, I don't run the game for more than an hour or two at a time, so take that claim for what it's worth. As for drivers, they're the latest and greatest from nVidia (91.47). I uninstalled the old set (91.31) and cleaned the registry before installing the new ones, so I'm not inclined to fault the drivers at this point. I'm more suspicious of one or more of the game's subroutines not playing nicely and it has now become an issue of identifying which one(s).
posted 10-10-06 10:44 ET (US)     5 / 12  
Speaking only of the trade route crash, I agree it's the game code. My system's utterly different, starting with Win2K and ATI video.

For crashes generally, though, the error log really does help, particularly if it gives you a useful memory location. You don't know what happened but whatever did was smack in the middle of video memory, so you know it's a driver issue. Things like that. And windows has gotten generally better about not BSOD'ing, so it generally takes 3rd party software with uncaught errors to produce it.

posted 10-10-06 13:06 ET (US)     6 / 12  
Crashes that are random and report a video problem may not in fact be a driver issue but rather a heat issue

"I have met the enemy, he is us". Pogo
posted 10-11-06 13:53 ET (US)     7 / 12  
Actually you can probably rule that out. If you have a heat issue, your system's going to be misbehaving a lot, not just when playing a particular game.

It helps to be thoughtful about the diagnostic process. For a driver issue, I'd expect the crash repeatedly at the same location, and reasonably frequent/reproduceable. For most other issues, I'd expect it to be random and all over the place.

posted 10-11-06 17:15 ET (US)     8 / 12  
This game engine really gives your video card a work out so don't rule out heat With my system I was having a crash lockup on requests or other messages but I solved it The solution was to go into game settings-interface and check all the items under pause messages *viola* no more crashes

"I have met the enemy, he is us". Pogo
posted 10-12-06 22:03 ET (US)     9 / 12  
I'll second the possibility of a heat issue. Several years ago, when TES3 was first released, I was running on an Athlon 1.4GHZ (Thoroughbred? Thunderbird? Whatever - the one before they started tacking XP onto it). At the time it was an upper-range processor and gave me no problems on any other apps. Load Morrowind with its massive graphics demands and it was crash-n-burn-baby after a few minutes. Couldn't figure out the problem as the chip temp was within posted tolerances, though pushing the upper limits of the normal temp range. I clocked it back to 1.0GHz, watched the operating temp drop about 20 degrees and the crashes immediately disappeared.

In my case, though, I'm reasonably certain that I'm not dealing with a heat issue because I run much more graphically demanding and processor-intensive apps than C4 without a lick of trouble and I blow out the case a couple of times a month on top of it. Could be a driver issue, but since it only happens when another app is running at the time that I close C4, I'm not so sure. My best guess is that something in C4 either isn't unloading properly or C4 is trying to unload something that it shouldn't be trying to unload.

posted 10-13-06 05:42 ET (US)     10 / 12  
It does probably depend on what games and how many you play, to some extent, but C4 is not unique in giving the graphics a good workout. If other contemporary games don't give you a similar problem, other avenues are probably more fruitful.

I will observe that I've *never* run C4 by itself -- this is a multitasking OS, and I regard a game that doesn't multitask as defective. "No, you CAN'T have the entire system to yourself, so get over it!" And if you're overclocking, well, you know you're on your own in that territory.

At any rate, I think the trade route bug, identifiable as it is, needs to be top of the list for a patch. Even if all it does is get rid of the "You Cheated!" crap. I'm not aware that the change makes any difference in game play at all, apart from not crashing.

posted 10-13-06 08:14 ET (US)     11 / 12  
A work around for the trade route issue without the you cheated message when you want to open a new route. Just hit the "P" key to pause the game, go in open the trade route, come out and unpause. This works I been using it, it might not work in the tutorials Didn't play tutorials because I tested the game

"I have met the enemy, he is us". Pogo
posted 10-29-06 05:41 ET (US)     12 / 12  
Thanks! I'll use the pause thingy first.

It's absurd that I have to alter game code from a brand new game in order to fix a flaw the designers/programmers of the game made.
I payed 47 euros (= almost 57 US dollars) for this game. I want a flawless working game, and if that's not possible... a patch ASAP. Or else I should return the game and get me an illegal version somewhere, because I'm not going to let Tilted Mill profit on something THEY did wrong...

I'll wait for the patch...
Thx for the help guys!

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