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In this legend i miss the following things:

- Big pyramits and both sizes of pyramid complexes (from all pyramid-types)
- all sizes of stepped pyramids and flat-top-pyramids (donīt know their real english names, because i play german version of pharao).
- sun-temple
- all three alexandrian monuments
- abusimbel
- sphynx
- cave-tomps

- artist guild (the one with blue pyramid-roof, needed for the cave tonps)

1x1 buildings
- road
- plazas
- bridge (end-piece, four directions)
- bridge (center-piece, two directions)
- irrigation ditch
- wall
- small statues
- small garden (appears by placing just a single field of garden)

2x2 buildings:
- big plaza (appears by covering a 2x2 square of roads in plazas, also for a single juggler-platform)
- tax collector
- bazaar
- hunter
- transportship wharf
- tower
- mediom statues
- medium garden (appears by drawing a 2x2 square of gardens)

2x2 industrie:
- clay pit
- wood cutter
- reed gatherer
- papyrus maker
- paint maker
- lamp maker

3x3 buildings
- big statues
- big garden (appears by drawing a 3x3 square of gardens)
- 3x3-plaza for a juggler-platform and a music-platform (Bandstand)
- storage-yard-tiles not for all types of goods there

larger buildings
- 4x4 plaza for juggler-platform, music-platform and dance-platform (pavillon)
- Granary
- middle and big mansions (the one showed there is the small one and not the big one)
- middle and big palaces
- zoo
- forts (holds military troups)
- gatehouse

- trees
- reed
- rock-cliffs (that walls, where cave-tomps and abusimbel can be placed in)

there are some other mistakes in the page
- the common farm and the wheat-farm have the names changed (also the filenames of the picture files)
- some wrong buildings are called "music plattform" (right names are Dancer-scool, mason-guild)

Can any one fix that?

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