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Topic Subject: links = malware
posted 04-25-18 10:38 ET (US)   
Hey team,

Wow! I can't believe I haven't been on this forum since 2003. I had totally forgotten that I even had an account here. I am most certainly not a 15 year-old anymore. (I made sure to update the "about me" section of my profile. LOL)

Hopefully no one else has already posted about this, but I wanted to make you aware that there are currently some harmful links on the Pharaoh Heaven website. Specifically, I'm referring to this page:

The link to Hints & Tips leads to a defunct website. It seems that this used to be an official website, but it has since been taken over by malicious owners that try to either install fake system updates or try to extort money from you faster than the Libyans try to extort gemstomes from you in the actual game.

Upon clicking that link, I found that instead of hints and tips, my computer was scanned and found to contain "malicious pornographic spyware/riskware." (I mean, they got TWO of those four descriptors right, at least.) I'm lucky I made it out of there in one piece, since the website indicated that my Facebook logins, financial data, credit card details, photos stored on my computer (lawd have mercy), and e-mail account login details were all being stolen! And the website REALLY didn't want to let me navigate away from the webpage without calling a conveniently provided 888 number to fix my problems, which suspiciously stopped happening after closing the webpage.

I strongly recommend skimming through all pages you have on the website and removing any and all links to

There you go. See? I did my once every 15 years posting to a feedback forum. Keep rocking it out.
posted 04-27-18 01:20 ET (US)     1 / 1  
Hi, thanks for reporting, I have removed the links from 24 pages

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