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Topic Subject: Curious about forum closure
posted 12-24-15 11:58 ET (US)   
So, I've had an account here since the dawn of time and you guys are still around, and I appreciate that. Not specifically the Caesar III section, but HeavenGames. Plus, you have several sites for the games I like.

I was trying to install a patch for Dungeon Siege II today and ran into trouble. Well, HeavenGames has one of the last places to find that information on-line and I found a topic on that that, while unclear, led to a solution. So I thought I would post an update on how to get the patch installed (in my case, running it again, but not through the file decompressor).

But those forums are closed due to the administrator wanting to offload the site and not finding any taker since mid 2006 (to mid 2007 when it closed). I just don't get it, other sites like this one aren't investment grade games any more, but still allow questions and opinions to be voiced. Maybe there was a lot of spam?

Anyway. Please never change. Thank you.
posted 12-24-15 12:22 ET (US)     1 / 4  
This Website Comments section is more for comments relating to City Building Heaven and not comments relating to HeavenGames as a whole.

Your comments would be better off on the main HeavenGames site here:

However, hardly any of the "top admins" are around to care for most of the websites now (with the exception of Zen randomly appearing to fix a server issue, which is funny considering he admits to no longer being an employee of HG now lol) so it's usually just the odd moderator (Angel) managing most of the Heaven's, as the vast majority of Seraphs have moved on (could be wrong though).

I will take the opportunity to say that this forum just seems dead, though it seems understandable as to why. Out of all the people listed as a moderator, only Gwelio seems active anymore (with random sporadic appearances by Pecunia). Granite Q, VitruviusAIA and Jayhawk are seemingly MIA and not actually posting on here any longer, have they moved on like most posters?

The home pages could really use a bit of maintenance cleanup, especially in the sense of walkthroughs. I've already started working with Gwelio (somewhat :P) on the Emperor Walkthroughs, but I would assume such an effort could be made to all the other walkthroughs (Pharaoh, Caesar 3 and Zeus) and bring the sites up to a more modern time (if even possible).

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posted 12-24-15 12:50 ET (US)     2 / 4  
I understand; I'm not pushing anyone to do anything, all I wanted was comments like yours on this matter.

I personally disappear for years at a time. When I play these old games, I come back and read, and even post a little bit.

As for the forums being dead, it's slow, but it's not dead, no. That's not what I meant though, the site itself has little prospect of growth because of the increasing obscurity of the games (I just saw again how the Caesar III section is filed with various other Impressions games in the Caesar IV section, just because). So in terms of activity, news, ad revenue (I guess the idea here is not to profit but enjoy the games) we have a site that just sucks up server money, to my eyes. I love it, but I wouldn't pay for it.

And the Dungeon Siege II subdomain wasn't dead either, AFAIK, a bundled pack with the game and expansion having been released just several months before the site was archived, in stasis. They just decided it was too much work to update and moderate and abandoned it more or less.

One day, this too will be long gone, but I just found it mystifying that the one site was archived but not others. I'm very glad it is still available to read.
posted 12-24-15 12:59 ET (US)     3 / 4  
One day, this too will be long gone, but I just found it mystifying that the one site was archived but not others. I'm very glad it is still available to read.
I find that unlikely, as there are more and more people playing the game on YouTube and there's also the fact it's available on Caesar 3, Pharaoh and Zeus gameplays are unlikely to disappear any time soon, as they're available on a fairly popular site. It'd be nice if had Emperor, but I doubt that will ever happen either.

What the site needs (as in, this heaven) is a bit of TLC and tidy up of the walkthroughs and information presented. Not sure if there would be enough people to want to do that, but there is plenty of information here that could be preserved if the site somehow disappears.

There is a wiki being run by fans to document most of the City Building Series, as well as Impressions Games' other works. I won't link it here in case it breaks forum rules, but there's a thread here on the forums, but the thread seems to have died out a bit:
posted 07-29-17 06:38 ET (US)     4 / 4  

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