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Topic Subject: CoN vs Pharaoh&Cleopatra
posted 09-25-13 04:20 ET (US)   
Hello I'd like to know from You which game is better CoN or Pharaoh (I plan to buy CoN)
posted 09-26-13 21:04 ET (US)     1 / 2  
cotn is by far the better choice. I happen to own both. I found Pharaoh lacked the freedom you are allowed in CotN. CotN also seemed to be better at pulling you in and making you truly feel for you people. I have found myself following and watching my people for hours.
One fun and under stated function in CotN is the ability to rename your people. I would often rename the first two or three waves of people in my city with names like "Farmer1" or "Potter2" just to see where their descendants ended up. You might be surprised at how well a farmer child might do and how poorly a Scribes.
I hope this helped and for added flavor try downloading a few mods. (I am trying to make a few myself if I could only find some help with the .dat files.) But play the vanilla game first. Its great!
posted 09-30-13 09:18 ET (US)     2 / 2  
1) is possible to play CotN in 2D?
2) are needing buildings acces to workers?
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