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Pharaoh: Game Help
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Topic Subject: Housing Block Essay
posted 03-24-00 18:12 ET (US)   
The following is an improvement on the 'How to Build a SenetEr Block' thread. I have tried to generalize it and give some comments relative to gameplay and introduce some concepts such as 'back-door employment' and 'venue-based entertainment strategy'. Please comment so it can get fixed up and proof-read before it goes to heaven.

It is in two parts as it is too long for a single post. Proof-positive of my long-windedness.

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posted 03-24-00 18:16 ET (US)     1 / 24  
The use of housing blocks is a tool of intermediate to advanced players. They have many advantages over strips of housing or haphazard housing. Foremost of these advantages are: aid in city and population planning; efficient use of labor and space; control of housing evolution; and control of ratings such as culture rating (CR).

Population Planning
If one knows that their favorite housing block holds 1000 people and the scenario calls for 6000 people, it is an easy matter to plan ahead and make room for 6 housing blocks. With this information, road networks can be laid out at the beginning of a mission, industry areas can be planned, etc... Knowing how many blocks of housing and where to put them can prevent fatal map mistakes later.

Housing blocks can be much more efficient as well. They tend to avoid duplication of bazaars, fire and police, watersupplies, etc... This means less money spent early in the game and more employees available for export industries. Almost invariably, the site for the first housing block is chosen where it can supply labor access for an export industry and a dock.

Your first housing block can bring in a stable happy population to supply enough labor, in the right place, to allow your city to make money fast.

Control of Housing Evolution
Novice players tend to try to build too much, too soon with respect to evolving their housing. Culture and Prosperity ratings are important at the end of the mission only. You will reach a point where you want to either: increase your number of workers, increase your ratings, or (later in the game) decrease unemployment.

Housing blocks can help control evolution of housing as you can logically add things to them to precisely control each step in housing evolution. If you need more workers, evloving the housing in a block allows more people to move in. If you want to increase your culture, you can add to the block what your culture advisor says you are lacking. If you want to increase prosperity, you can gain fancier and fancier housing. If you want to control unemployment as your population gets larger, you can change your peasants into scribes.

Control of Ratings
A few stately manors can do wonders for your prosperity rating, even if the rest of your housing is poor. A block can sometimes make it easier to evolve housing to the scribe level.

Especially tough to do in later missions is obtain a high culture ratings. Blocks that are designed to balance entertainment, education and religion with the number of people they hold are invaluable to later game missions that demand a high culture rating.

There are quite a few different blocks out there that are 'perfect rating' blocks. A good site to reference to is Grumpus the Elder's Site, Which Way to Thebes. It has a very detailed list of instructions for building a housing block. I will try to do a similar turn here for my favorite block.

Laying it Out
Minimum space required for this block is 25x11. It is helpful to leave more room on the top and bottom for industries, storage yards, granaries, dock etc, more housing, templex complexes, etc... Extra space on the sides are not necessary.

Lay out a 19x9 ring of road as shown below. Leave 3 squares on either side for future 3x3 buildings. The picture shows gardens in these corners. Lay the inner road and it's roadblock now if you want or you can leave it until you want to provide some entertainment.

Choose an entrance to allow entertainers, delivery men and market ladies access into the block. I chose my entrance in the lower left for no particular reason. You can place the entrance anywhere that makes sense for your city. Note: we will be turning the entrance into a bandstand later so don't place any buildings right up against the road leading out. Also, if you place the entrance on the side of the block, place the entrance road on road tile 2, 5 or 8 so you can fit 3x3 buildings beside the bandstand later.


Adding Houses
The purpose of a housing block is to hold people. The next picture shows where to place the houses in this block. People will stream in and build crude huts.

A firewarden and police station are placed to keep crime and fire under control. These are infrastructure buildings. I have placed a water supply so that the housing can develop to sturdy hut. When full at this stage of development, the block holds 336 people.

I also add an apothecary if malaria might be a threat (lots of green grass around) and a physician. This block will stay stable and disease free for a year or two without food, longer if overall city health is good. You won't leave it without food for that long I hope.

The tax collector is added as soon as you have a city palace. Tax is important, even early in the game and at low housing levels. If this isn't your first block, adding the tax collector immediately will keep your tax roll high and keep your entire population happier.

HouseHouseHouseHouseHouseHouse HouseHouseHouseHouseHouseHouse
HouseHouseHouseHouseHouseHouse HouseHouseHouseHouseHouseHouse
HouseHouseHouseHouseHouseHouse HouseHouseHouseHouseHouseHouse
HouseHouseHouseHouseHouseHouse PolicepostFire Warden HouseHouseHouseHouseHouseHouse
PhysicianTax CollectorWater Supply


Adding Food and Religion
Time to take your city from 'foraging' to 'flourishing'. This is done with food. It also should not be done until you have your first export industry set up and running. Money is more important than having lots of fed and happy people. The right amount of unfed and unhappy people is generally better.

If this is my first block at the beginning of my city, I will provide a temple to the patron god, and maybe a shrine to the others very soon after I give water. This is not to evolve the housing as temples come after food. It is to keep those pesky gods happy. This is one instance where you will build 'out of order' with respect to housing evolution (the other was the physician).

Supply food to your block by setting up farming, granaries, etc., outside your block. How you do you is your concern. I have shown the location of a 'feeder' house in this picture. Labor recruiters walking along the lower road will pick up access to the labor pool by this outer house. The road does not touch it but it does pass within two squares and this is all that is required. In our example, this lower road below the 'feeder' house is ideal for storage yards and granaries that the market ladies need access to.

Build a bazaar, preferably close to the entrance to cut down on travel distance. The shorter your market ladies have to travel, the more stable the block. Temples are placed on the side of this particular block. The temple is the only building built so far that has the potential to collapse, so it is time to place an architect's post.

Once food is supplied and a priest passes the houses, the block will evolve to rough cottage. It will hold 624 at this point which is almost double the pre-food block. Make sure you can soak up some of the upcoming unemployment.

Some strategic garden or statue placement behind the houses may be necessary to get all the houses to rough cottage.

ApartmentApartmentApartment ApartmentApartmentApartment
ApartmentApartmentApartment ApartmentApartmentApartment
PolicepostFire Warden
Apartment Bazaar PhysicianTax CollectorWater Supply


That's Entertainment!
Next comes the tricky part. There are two strategies regarding entertainment so I will try to separate them and explain them both.

Strategy 1 Entertainers
To evolve to ordinary cottage, you need to provide some form of entertainment to your housing block. The simplest and cheapest method is to build a venue and supply the entertainer by building a training school. Using entertainers works well. Build a bandstand at the entrance to the block and build a juggler school outside your block. A juggler will walk to the stage and the bandstand will send a walker throughout your housing block, supplying entertainment on the outer road loop. Your houses will become ordinary cottages and you'll bump the block up to 720 people.

Strategy 2 Venues
If you know you are going to need a high CR, it is often to your advantage to jump the gun a bit and build venues. If you have perfect ratings for venues in any of the 4 venue types, every home in your city receives 5 bonus entertainment points. If you build enough stages for dancers, jugglers and musicians to get perfect coverage, you receive, three times five equals, fifteen bonus points. This will be the same as providing a musician and juggler walker for every house in your city, even those outside your blocks.
Note: With perfect senet house ratings, you get a total of twenty bonus entertainment points allowing evolution to modest apartment level without a single training school.

It is a more expensive strategy but you have to spend the money sometimes. It is also handy when starting up your next block as you might not have to put in any venues until the block begins to fill up and your venue ratings are in danger of slipping from 'perfect' to 'very good' because of population growth. I like this 'venue strategy' as housing in other areas need only one temple, food and a water supply to evolve past pottery.

ApartmentApartmentApartmentShrineShrineShrineApartmentApartmentApartmentJuggle platform
Music platformDance platformShrine
Juggle platformDentist
ShrinePolicepostFire WardenShrineJuggle platform
ApartmentJuggle platformMusic platformBazaar PhysicianTax CollectorWater Supply


The picture here shows all the entertainment venues in place, except a senet house and all the beautification and shrine locations. Once the block has entertainment it will ask for pottery, a musician (not required with the 'venue strategy') and then beer. This is modest apartment level and the block now holds 864 people.

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posted 03-24-00 18:18 ET (US)     2 / 24  

Further Evolution
After the housing block is supplied with pottery and beer, the people will ask for a courthouse. I generally leave my whole city pre-courthouse unless I need higher prosperity and culture ratings. It is usually pretty easy to provide pottery and beer and I can reach this level of housing without entertainers.

To reach fancy residences, you need to supply entertainers, a courthouse, a school (which requires a steady supply of papyrus), a second food and a dentist, linen, and visits from a priest of a second god. The additions are shown in position in the next picture. The police station can be replaced by a shrine as soon as the courthouse goes in.

Note: You will also need a lot more desirability at this stage. I don't show all the roads covered with plazas in my exmaples as it makes it too hard to see the important stuff. I show only the entertainment venues covered with plazas to make it easier for you to see where they are. By this point all your roads are probably going to need to have plazas on them. You will need the precise garden and statue arrangement shown behind the houses if you are going to allow scribes to move in your neighborhood (but more on that later).

At fancy residence level this block holds 1104 people. This will exceed the inherent entertainment coverage of this block so you will need another pavillion somewhere if you want to continue to use the 'venue strategy' for the rest of your city.

Now is a good time to talk about 1x1 housing versus 2x2 housing. For reasons I won't get into, mainly because I don't know all the reasons, 2x2 housing is preferrable to 1x1 housing. At the common residence level you can get rid of all your 1x1 housing with the following trick. The picture shows all the housing in the 4 quadrants as a row of three 2x2 apartments. Your houses may not have evolved that way.
They may look like this:


Or worse, like this:


Deleting the 2x2 houses in these examples will allow the 1x1 houses to expand into 2x2s. The top example is easy as you need to delete one house and the 1x1s will expand towards each other and close the gap. Instant fix! The bottom example needs two houses deleted and results in two 2x2s with a gap in the middle. This 2x2 gap needs to be seeded with a 'for sale' sign and you will have to watch it evolve from crude hut all the way to residence.

ApartmentApartmentApartmentShrineShrineShrineApartmentApartmentApartmentJuggle platform
Music platformDance platformShrine
Juggle platformDentist
ShrineShrineFire WardenShrineJuggle platform
SchoolApartmentJuggle platformMusic platformBazaar PhysicianTax CollectorWater Supply


Scribes and Manors
After the fancy residence stage, your people will ask for luxury goods. This is a very dangerous stage but it is what this block was designed for. Welcome to easy street!!!

Before you release luxury goods into your block ensure that the two little statues are sitting in the right place behind the central house in each quadrant. These are your 'scribe switches'. If you remove one for a house that holds luxury goods it will turn into a 3x3 manor before your eyes.

Manors are lovely because they hold scribes who pay a lot of tax. They are also unlovely because they hold scribes who do not work! You are about to create the idle rich so make sure you have some unemployment before you make scribes.

Once again, make sure your switches are in the right place so you can control which house becomes a manor and which direction it expands to.

To get stately manors, you need to add a mortician (which needs linen), a library and a third temple, and a senet house. I've shown two libraries in the next picture as it is an culture requirement that is hard to achieve without duplication. If I'm okay for libraries I may build a block with the bandstand/entrance in place of one of the libraries.

Notice also that the libraries, school, bazaar and mortuary are situated close to the entrance. This cuts down on delivery times and makes the block more stable.

ManorApartmentHouseShrineShrineShrineApartmentApartmentApartmentJuggle platform
HouseMusic platformDance platformShrine
Juggle platformDentist
ShrineShrineFire WardenShrineJuggle platform
SchoolApartmentJuggle platformMusic platformBazaar MortuaryPhysicianTax CollectorWater SupplySenet House


In this picture one of the switches has been removed and the topmost left has evolved to a manor. Remove switches one at a time so each manor can evolve before you try to evolve it's neighbor. This block allows very precise and orderly control over unemployment by use of these switches. This control and the culture ratings it gives are what makes this a block worth building.

Advanced Use of the Block
I have purposely left the top row open for use as a location for desirability buildings such as the Temple Complex, Festival Square, City Palace and Dynasty Mansion. It can also be used to place palatial estates if the mission calls for them. In the picture belowI have added a back row connected to another pavillion. This area can be use to hold estates (4x4 luxury housing) if the desirability is high enough. I have used statues in this example, but the statue location is also ideal for the Temple Complex, etc...

EstateEstateEstateEstateDance platformJuggle platform
Music platform
ManorManorShrineShrineShrineManorManorJuggle platform
Music platformDance platformShrine
Juggle platformDentist
ShrineShrineFire WardenShrineJuggle platform
SchoolApartmentJuggle platformMusic platformBazaarBazaarMortuaryPhysicianTax CollectorWater SupplySenet House


Palatial estates need a second luxury good as well as a third type of food. If I build a block this way, I will generally add a second bazaar and specialize them in two types of food and goods each. One buys food type 1 and 2, the other buys food types 1 and 3.One buys pottery and linen, the other buys beer and luxury goods.

In this example, the top row of houses have been switched to stately manors and the bottom row has been left at fancy residence.
Note: My esteemed colleague kabouter has a special enhancement he uses when he knows a block will not be evolved to manors. The shrine below the bottom road square of the inner pavillion is changed to a architect's post and the gardens and statues behind the houses are chaged to shrines. This is an excellent place for shrines if you need more.

The road to the left is useful in this example to hold storage yards, granaries, and entertainer schools needed by the block.

Note: Although scribes do not work, they still allow recruiters that walk past the scribe housing access to the labor pool. This is because, although they do not work, they do know people who know people. In this example, any recruiters who walk the road behind the estates will find employees from the overall pool the same as recruiters walking under the 'feeder' house at the bottom.

Thank you for paying attention during this long housing block essay. Even if you never use this particular block, I think the concepts presented will help you design and use your own block. If you do use this block, I know you will enjoy it. It does it's job well and is easy to make, nice to look at, stable and easy to control.

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posted 03-24-00 18:21 ET (US)     3 / 24  
Please comment on any information that may be erroneous or misleading. Comments on punctuation, spelling and grammar are also appreciated. I'm thinking of using Babelfish to translate it to German and then back to English. Can you tell if I've already done it?

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posted 05-08-00 12:27 ET (US)     4 / 24  
Just moved this to this forum from the GH Archives, where it's been languishing for the past few weeks
posted 05-09-00 09:25 ET (US)     5 / 24  
Hey Hey SenetEr,
Very nice layout and explaination. One thing though, out of all the housing blocks I have seen, yours and others...people tend to leave out where the granary, SY and performer schools go. Ofc, in your block, it would be easy with your access road on the side. It has plenty of space to put the necessary "suppliers" for your block. Another thing I see is that your block with the access road would also be ideal for placing industry if you wanted it to remain a worker block with no Manors. Just pull the access road in some at the top to only accomidate 2x2 housing and viola! Great access to labor for industries on the access road. Anyway, I think I am going to give your block a try .

Again, very nice block SenetEr.


posted 05-09-00 15:57 ET (US)     6 / 24  
I thought that this thread was planted in the archives so that the entire article would always show first, and not all of the replies.

There was another SenetEr-block thread where everyone could post comments.

Stark, the reason for people leaving the granaries and SY's out is becayse they themselves, don't have a fixed location for them. Everytime I construct my regular block (link here) I tend to change it to fit in with the enviroment.

Some times a road is absolutely necessary somewhere, depending on the rest of the city's layout, and you are forced to change something in the layout.

And basically, people seems to be able to figure this out on their own, or they just sit there wondering what's missing...


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posted 05-12-00 18:16 ET (US)     7 / 24  

I post to this thread only because it is still my favourite type of housing block. Maybe it's unbeatable if you want to evolve it to scribes. Thanks for your great work, SenetEr!

Well, just to pour water into wine, it has one disadvantage: It is 1 square too long for short walkers. They will return and not finish the loop. In the long turn this will even out, but in crucial situations, it will not. Maybe half of your loop will have to wait for 1 year for a certain service.

So, plan ahead and enjoy this great layout. And, by the way, if you're going to evolve, go for improved bazaars, since they have 2 sellers.

But, anyway, thanks to this helpful thread, which should maybe be carved in stone without my blasphemous remarks, because - and I'm really serious on this - it covers all the ins and outs of block development.

That was a worthy warewell, SenetEr!

See you.

posted 09-21-00 01:48 ET (US)     8 / 24  
Hmm. I've been trying this block out in a couple of sandbox missions to get the feel for it, and I've noticed a problem or two from what I've seen with other blocks I've tried.

The main problem I'm experiencing is reach -- water supplies, bazaars and even physicians don't seem to reach to some houses on the other side of the block, and I'm not sure why. I read Grumpus' page on how far bazaar ladies will travel to get stuff, and I assume it's similar for delivering stuff. At any rate, I usually end up having to put 1 water supply, 2 bazaars and a physician on the back side of the block (where the estates would go if I expanded that far). Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong? I usually have high unemployment as opposed to a shortage of workers (due to building all the houses first, then outside industry).

To your credit, the evolution to manors is very simple and controllable (evolving to manors on other blocks I've tried ends up being haphazard or downright messy), and on all the blocks I've tried I invariably end up having to add at least 1 bazaar, usually 2, for 48 squares of housing.

Anyway, if you have any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong, email me at Thanks.

posted 09-21-00 02:34 ET (US)     9 / 24  
Welcome to the forums Polaris66!

I haven’t used SenetER’s block recently, but have tried it in the past with no problems. Are the two roadblocks in your layout properly located? It’s the only reason that I can think of why you wouldn’t be getting complete coverage.

Another suggestion: For better coverage from bazaars and water supplies, try evolving (upgrading) them. You do this by making the area around them more desirable. To make the area more desirable, you can add statues, gardens or shrines near or around them (or locate buildings with higher desirability adjacent to them). Hope this helps. If you’re still having problems, let us know.

posted 09-21-00 07:22 ET (US)     10 / 24  
Hi Polaris66,

I have also been using SenetEr's block resently and without
any of the problems you mention.

Only difference is that I also add the extra bazaar right
from the start to avoid distribution problems.

posted 09-21-00 14:42 ET (US)     11 / 24  
Hi, I think the problem may be how your internal pavillion cross may be set up. You may have the pavillion connected to the top and bottom of the loop.

When a walker reaches the limit of his/her walk, they take the shortest route home. This works for you in the block as at the walk limit, it is quicker to finish the loop rather than backtrack. But, if you connect both the top and bottom of the cross to the ring road, even with road blocks on either end, the walker will miss the last quarter of their route as they will cut through the pavillion to back to their building. Their walk looks like a P rather than an O, if that makes any sense.

When designing a block, the loop length need to be less than double the 'long walk' of the walker to get complete the loop. See if that is your problem.

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posted 09-21-00 18:29 ET (US)     12 / 24  
Hey guys. Thanks for the welcome, I wasn't sure if this forum was even alive anymore.

Re:upgrading the structures -- hmm, didn't even know I could do that. Does this produce more walkers, or do they walk further, or what? I guess that explains the med. statues behind some of those buildings on the south side. I'll definitely have to try that.

Reavillion -- I remember one specific case where I accidentally connected them on 1 block and was too lazy to fix it, but I also had 2 other blocks on that map and due to needing a lot of workers quickly (these two were to provide workers for something like 40 gold mines), I placed all the support buildings and pottery/beer/linen industry before laying down the houses, and I checked to make sure the pavilion wasn't connected on either. I had the roadblock on one side, opposite the entrance road, and the other side had shrines 2 rows deep with a firehouse, no way the road could've gone through.

Oh, btw, I /love/ the 'feeder house' idea. With the other blocks I've tried, one of the biggest problems I had is industries nearby couldn't access the labor pool due to the way they were designed. Brilliant solution to that problem, and with the low footprint of the block I can stack 2-3 in for heavy industries like brickworks (I'm doing the stepped pyramid complex mission now, this will come in very handy).

Question: does placement of support buildings around the outside ring make any difference to accessability? I've been thinking about a slight redesign that involves moving all the support buildings to the area along the top (I may still have to have an extra bazaar on the other side, but that's no biggy) so I can pack, say, 4 of them into a high-density block for major industry areas.

One last question: does anybody have a saved city that makes exclusive use of this block to show placement of industry, granaries, SYs, etc? I've been kinda winging that part, but my industry always ends up being a big mess, and I have to put a single 2x2 strip of housing near outlying areas (especially farms) to feed workers to the industries there. I'm sure there's a better way of doing it, but I haven't figured out what it is yet.

posted 09-21-00 19:18 ET (US)     13 / 24  

To answer your first question, everything you need to know about upgraded bazaars and water supplies you can find here: upgraded bazaars and water supplies.

I don’t have any examples of SenetEr’s housing block in a saved city. I just don’t use it, although I do consider it the most efficient housing block that I’ve ever seen. The main reason that I don’t use it is the worker access problem that you describe. Also, I prefer to use a block that contains more housing units.

For these reasons I prefer to use a block that has all of the support structures on the interior, and the housing on the exterior. This way, I can pull workers from all four sides if I need to. Remember, a recruiter needs to only pass within 2 squares of a house to pick up workers. If you would like to see the block that I use, I would recommend my city “Bubastis”. It’s in the “downloads” section under “cities” on the main page.(If you do decide to download this city, be sure to read the description first. I do things a little differently than most, and I wouldn’t want the layout to confuse you.)

posted 09-21-00 19:19 ET (US)     14 / 24  
You can put the support buildings anywhere but I like the sides for the 3x3s and the longside closest to the supply yards/granaries. This is generally for stackability. I don't know about desirability.

In my latest go at Hep, I have shortened the long side by one tile and moved the architect and the firehall to the sides of the road leaving the bandstand. No particular reason, just for something to do. I generally play with the design a lot.

I have Bubastis posted in the downloads, I think, and that is my best example of a SenetEr block city. My new Hep is going well and would be a great example of this block in a city. I don't think I'll finish it though, because I bought Cleo today and I'm dying to install it even though I know it will ruin my Hep due to the zoo issue.

I will e-mail the incomplete city to you if you like. Just let me know.

posted 09-21-00 20:33 ET (US)     15 / 24  
This is how I've been doing them lately. I've dropped a library and changed a few services to make them stackable.

LibraryOsiris Temple
Dance platformMusic platform
Bastet TempleMusic platformFire Warden
ManorManorJuggle platformManorManorJuggle platformArchitect
CourthouseRa Temple
ApartmentJuggle platformBazaarSchoolMortuaryPhysicianTax CollectorWater SupplyApartment


The booth is dropped out of the housing area to allow me to reduce the long side by 1 tile. The bandstand is external. I've replaced some expensive shrines with some nice tall medium statues and the school, bazaar and mortuary are near to the entrance to make deliveries quicker. If the dentist and apothecary scoot into the centre they still supply the inner houses with coverage, but I rarely see them in the alley.

posted 09-21-00 22:52 ET (US)     16 / 24  
SenetER. before I even posted this reply, I printed your post and the comments.

Thank you so very much. This is beyond informative and I am to use it to my advantage.

Don't install Cleo yet!!! I had to start all over because of the funds transfer issue. Not complaining (beat several old scores) but wish I had waited.



posted 11-02-00 17:45 ET (US)     17 / 24  
SenetER-Awesome housing block-works well in all scenarios-but I have as yet to get your 4x4 luxury housing to work.Can you give some direction?
posted 11-02-00 21:09 ET (US)     18 / 24  
Welcome to the forums GreyGhost.

Until SenetER has a chance to stop by, I’ll try to fill in. The 4x4 luxury housing will work as shown, under the right conditions.

Desirability: For luxury housing to develop, the desirability of the area must be high enough. The large statues shown in the diagram are there to increase the desirability of the area. Also be sure to add plazas to the roads in front and back of the luxury housing. (They are not shown in the diagram for clarity sake, but are required for desirability.) Also be sure that nothing with a high undesirability is close to this area (like a dock, forts or mines). To be able to control desirability, you need a good chart on building types. I would recommend the one on Grumpus’ Site Which Way To Thebes. Here you will find a lot of useful information, including a chart on Non-Housing Structures, which includes the desirability of each structure, it’s cost, the number of workers required, and it’s risk of fire and damage. I recommend that you print out this chart. It will come in handy.

Services: Make sure that the luxury housing is receiving all the services that it needs (like luxury goods and 3 types of food). Also be sure that the mortuary has a steady supply of linen, and that the school and libraries have papyrus. To know what is required for each level of housing, print out the chart developed by Angel Reckless Rodent, located here in Pharaoh Heaven, called Housing Levels.

Entertainment: One thing noted in the Housing Levels chart is entertainment. To be sure that you have provided enough entertainment for your housing to evolve to a higher level, study the information provided by Nero Would here: Entertainment.

After studying all of the links that I have provided here, you should be able to evolve your housing. If you are still having trouble, just let us know.

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posted 04-12-08 08:47 ET (US)     19 / 24  
Hey I just had a quick question.

I build your block exactly as you have it laid out, but I find that when I build industries outside of the block, they do not get supplied with workers. I remove the roadblock so the recruiters can enter the block, but then my firemen, architects, and priests all run out and my housing devolves. Is there a way to fix this?
posted 04-12-08 11:53 ET (US)     20 / 24  

The last reply before yours in this thread was over 7 years ago. I doubt that you'll get an answer from SenetEr.

There are 2 basic ways to supply labor access to industries. One is to build a few crummy houses (usually left as huts) among industries, as required. Some good players do this.

The other way (which I prefer) is have a road running along the outside of a housing block that goes within 2 tiles of a house. However, SenetEr's block has most of its houses on the inside of the block, so this way won't work as well as with some other blocks. If a row of houses is build along the top of a SenetEr block, then one or more roads could be built above those thoses that goes into an industrial area.
posted 04-13-08 10:03 ET (US)     21 / 24  
Wow this game is that old?

Thanks for the help, btw.
posted 04-13-08 12:25 ET (US)     22 / 24  
Wow this game is that old?
Just had its 8th birthday back in October.
posted 03-18-15 09:38 ET (US)     23 / 24  
It's still useful in 2015. This is still a great game.
posted 07-28-22 06:57 ET (US)     24 / 24  
It's useful even in 2022, still a great game as well
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