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Pharaoh: Game Help
Moderated by VitruviusAIA, Gweilo

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Topic Subject: Links to Pharaoh Heaven's most useful posts
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posted 06-29-01 15:50 ET (US)   
I have noticed alot of requests from beginners lately, so I thought I would gather some of the links that I found the most helpful.

Housing blocks:

5 minutes housing blocks
Housing Blocks
SenetEr's classic
How to Build a SenetEr Block
My new worker blocks
Housing Block Essay
The Flexi-Block


On Recruiters and Morale
Getting the Upper Hand on Military Campaigns
Armor Value, Morale
Going further in fighting skills


Nero Would's
Entertainment - more than you may want to know

Housing Evolution Requirements &
Detailed Information on all Structures:

Housing and Structures Charts


Ben the Vizier's
Pharaoh/Cleopatra Monuments Chart
pyramid speedup


Cleo Comodity Sheets


Nero Would's
Got your Culture right here!


Nero Would's
The gods must be crazy! Religion by the numbers
Gods info


Those wacky walkers

Production rates:

Nero Would's
Farm production rates
Musings on Production and Walker Speeds

Design Tools:

Pharaohglyph Block Generator
The standard tool for developing block designs to be posted in Pharaoh Heaven.
Pharaoh Desire Control v2.0.14
Block design tool that indicates the desirability of the area. This is useful in determining if houses will have the desirability to evolve. (Note that there are minor errors for some structures.) The blocks created by the program can also be converted to HTML code for posting in Pharaoh Heaven. Available in the Pharaoh Heaven Miscellaneous Downloads section.
Djed djedi’s
Pharaoh City Desire Calculator v.1.03
The ultimate city design tool in Excel Format with easy to use copy & paste format. Includes all of the Pharaoh and Cleopatra structures with their associated desirability. You can even copy in Nero Would’s Family History Maps to design your entire city before you begin a new mission. Blocks created by the program can also be converted to HTML code for posting in Pharaoh Heaven.
Nero Would's
Family History maps in Excel format
You can download either Spoiler or Non Spoiler versions of these from the Pharaoh Heaven Miscellaneous Downloads section.
Nero Would and VitruviusAIA's
Pharaoh Housing and Culture Worksheet
The worksheet calculates food and goods consumption by houses and culture buildings, taxes, culture rating and prosperity cap. You can download this from the Pharaoh Heaven Miscellaneous Downloads section.

General Info:

3 things you wish you'd known as a beginner?
Dock optimation summary
Consumption of Food and Goods
Ben the Vizier's
Scoring Formula
Double a "getting" storage yard's delivery capacity

Commonly known as a Brugle Storage Yard, or BSY for short.
Vaia’s Storage Yard

Delivering non-imported food to disconnected Housing Blocks without micromanagement. (An adaptation of Brugle’s Storage Yard.)
Advanced Rules for Pharaoh

Optional rules that many of the advanced players folow.

Advanced Cities:

Baki, the hard way
Make Dakhla a challenge!
Dunqul Oasis at Very Hard without debt
Waset, and Very Hard goods consumption
Can we be kind to Kebetans
Many complications in Menat Khufu
Egalitarian Thinis
Immense Itjtawy
100 Palatial Estates in Hetep
This thread also has downloads available. The amazing thing with these cities is that they were done at Very Hard difficulty.
Baki-Balancing Housing Blocks and Ratings
This post is about VAIA's planning and construction for Baki. Again, there is a download available for this city.
Rostja in 317 months - guide & download
A thread for an informal competition for the fastest completion of Rostja.

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posted 08-30-02 02:16 ET (US)     51 / 71  
Ooops! I didn't see it there ! Sorry Memsurs !

Ben The Vizier

Ben The Vizier's Signature

posted 09-29-02 10:56 ET (US)     52 / 71  
Hi =)

I recently got my account here =), so maybe its just me
missing a button but i cant make a new topic in the main
"pharaoh game help", Where i naturaly would guess that
the "new topic" buttons should be there is a "only for
registered members" text... Hmm

Well anyway ive looked around the forum and found ALOT
of great help in my Pharaoh gaming there is just some small questions about why 2/3 of the bricktransport guys are disapering....I want to move the bricks from one side of the river to the other, and are using these small boats
and the bricks are just disapearing.....

I recently learned about all the different blocks
but im having small problems with that....
For example, there is houses next to the Physician
but they cant grow, i was wondering why....and the reason is: there is no Physician avaible, Hmm and the Physician
has full staff, and there is road connecting them,
Hmmm strange =)

Anyway, im almost sure i posted this message in the wrong place, but i cant make a topic, wanted to make one but
i the questions ended upp here hehe =)

posted 09-30-02 02:11 ET (US)     53 / 71  
Hi Krille977,

This is definitely the wrong place for such a post. I don't know why you had difficulty with the "New Topic" button, but you should have noticed that this is a post for "Links for Beginners". I understand that you wanted to bring the situation to our attention, but please (if it happens again) use a different thread, preferably in the Technical forum (where computer problems are discussed). Meanwhile, I'll try to answer your questions.

I don't know why your bricks disappear. Do the ferry terminals sometimes lose some (or all) of their workers? (I've heard that that can cause problems.) If that's not the case, describe what happens in a little more detail (in a different thread, please).

A house gets physician coverage when a physician walks by. Watch the physician when he leaves the building and see where he goes. I'd guess that many of the housing blocks described here work well most of the time, but can have problems when unusual things happen (such as a walker always leaving the building going in the same direction).

posted 10-21-02 08:29 ET (US)     54 / 71  
Hi Memsurs, I have seen that you updated the cities here. Considering the problems people faced with Thinis, you could perhaps consider adding some links to Thinis' threads (and I am especially thinking of mine "a new version of Thinis" or any other relative) for those who want to make it easier through fulfilling the extortions, thus keeping the three routes you lose otherwise.
posted 11-30-02 22:09 ET (US)     55 / 71  
I kinda feel embarrassed posting this myself, but mine is still around, you know.

Walkthrough of the Tutorial Levels

-- Ray

posted 10-23-03 10:33 ET (US)     56 / 71  
I was just wondering why Pharaoh Desire Control (PDC) isn't about a sweet program for thinking things out before you do it...while on that not how come nobody seems to use it?
PDC should actually be bundeled with the Pharaoh map to PDC2.0 landscape file converter
infact I think I will put them in a zip together even if I might be the only one who uses it

anyways...I might just have to host them suckers and link them here
but for now I'll just use the other links...

Pharaoh Desire Control v2.0.14

Pharaoh map to PDC2.0 landscape file converter

posted 10-23-03 11:38 ET (US)     57 / 71  


I was just wondering why Pharaoh Desire Control (PDC) isn't about a sweet program for thinking things out before you do it...while on that not how come nobody seems to use it?

Because there is something even better.

I have used PDC in the past, and it was/is a very useful program. There were several inaccuracies however. PDC does not properly display the desirability of Storage Yards, Entertainment Venues or the Temple Complex. The Pharaoh map to PDC2.0 landscape file converter cannot be used to ‘convert’ the Pharaoh/Cleopatra campaign missions into something that can be used to plan your city.

Djed djedi has developed a spreadsheet program that does everything that PDC does, and more. It can be downloaded from City Desire Nero Would has made Excel maps of all of the Pharaoh and Cleopatra campaign missions. They can be found in Pharaoh Heaven's Miscellaneous Downloads.

You can load one of Nero Would’s maps into Djed djedi’s worksheet and design your entire city.

Give it a try.

posted 05-22-04 17:47 ET (US)     58 / 71  
Hi. I just want to say that I have figured out something important (somekind of 'rule') about granary 'get' cart pushers IMO. It is about a rare but very disturbing problem that might occure when you have multiple road systems (not all roads connected). I was just wondering if it is important enough to be included in the 'Links for beginners' topic .
You can read it here: Strange problem with granaries

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posted 06-02-04 06:24 ET (US)     59 / 71  
One more thing.
I also recommend you to include Plebus' topic about multi-loop blocks to the 'Links for beginnners'. Those blocks designed by him are excellent and very useful.
3 new speed record and 3 new blocks

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posted 06-02-04 15:57 ET (US)     60 / 71  
help me! i need some legend to go with the city block tutorials. but none of the links work! anyone w/ answers, email me at
posted 06-02-04 16:09 ET (US)     61 / 71  
DJ Ste,
For the "Pharaohglyph" legend, go here and click on "Legend". But that's not usually needed--in most diagrams, if you position the cursor over a building for a few moments then the building name will be displayed.
posted 08-22-04 10:48 ET (US)     62 / 71  
Just one more thing: Baltic's Rostja is NOT the fastest out there. Correct me if I am wrong but I think Brugle did it in the shortest time.

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posted 08-22-04 18:43 ET (US)     63 / 71  
You are wrong. Baltic started the thread that became an informal competition for the fastest time to complete Rostja, but nothing above suggests that he holds the record. In that thread, the fastest time is by Max (in 224 months, 4 months faster than me).

[This message has been edited by Brugle (edited 08-22-2004 @ 06:47 PM).]

posted 08-23-04 08:28 ET (US)     64 / 71  
Max who, to my knowlege, still owns most of the "speed" records, at Hard.
posted 08-23-04 16:04 ET (US)     65 / 71  
You can always learn something new here. Thanks for correcting me.
posted 01-24-05 15:29 ET (US)     66 / 71  
Are the essays available to download anywhere cos I can't afford to stay connected to the internet long enough to copy them or read them?
posted 02-07-05 23:38 ET (US)     67 / 71  
So where's the link that leads to that "ultimate housing block" that shows you how to get every house around it to go Palatial and its accompanying screenshot?

Or am i just lazy?

There's no place i'd rather juggle
posted 02-08-05 00:13 ET (US)     68 / 71  
You can find a good block for Palatial Estates in post 130 of Vaia's Housing Blocks thread. Also if you use the search feature at the bottom of the forum page and search for Estate you will come up with a whole list of threads about Palatial Estates, many of which have glyphed layouts included.
posted 06-07-05 14:21 ET (US)     69 / 71  
Added Design Tools section.

posted 06-28-05 04:30 ET (US)     70 / 71  
Beginners should be made more aware of the existence and usefulness of the Downloads section. It supports the most constructive threads. Asd an idea, the link to the Downloads could be highlighted or made more attractive anyhow by the site developpers.
posted 11-27-06 07:09 ET (US)     71 / 71  
If Ptah is one of your gods and Jewellery or Gems are available as Import and Export it is worth buying in just a few of these items and keeping them in a Storage Yard which is otherwise empty on the offchance that Ptah may be smiling upon you and fill the SY with these commodities - really boosts your Debens! Make sure the SY is set to Fill 100% and not 1/4 or 1/2 otherwise SY will not be filled to capacity.
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