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Pharaoh: Game Help
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Topic Subject: Links to Pharaoh Heaven's most useful posts
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posted 06-29-01 15:50 ET (US)   
I have noticed alot of requests from beginners lately, so I thought I would gather some of the links that I found the most helpful.

Housing blocks:

5 minutes housing blocks
Housing Blocks
SenetEr's classic
How to Build a SenetEr Block
My new worker blocks
Housing Block Essay
The Flexi-Block


On Recruiters and Morale
Getting the Upper Hand on Military Campaigns
Armor Value, Morale
Going further in fighting skills


Nero Would's
Entertainment - more than you may want to know

Housing Evolution Requirements &
Detailed Information on all Structures:

Housing and Structures Charts


Ben the Vizier's
Pharaoh/Cleopatra Monuments Chart
pyramid speedup


Cleo Comodity Sheets


Nero Would's
Got your Culture right here!


Nero Would's
The gods must be crazy! Religion by the numbers
Gods info


Those wacky walkers

Production rates:

Nero Would's
Farm production rates
Musings on Production and Walker Speeds

Design Tools:

Pharaohglyph Block Generator
The standard tool for developing block designs to be posted in Pharaoh Heaven.
Pharaoh Desire Control v2.0.14
Block design tool that indicates the desirability of the area. This is useful in determining if houses will have the desirability to evolve. (Note that there are minor errors for some structures.) The blocks created by the program can also be converted to HTML code for posting in Pharaoh Heaven. Available in the Pharaoh Heaven Miscellaneous Downloads section.
Djed djedi’s
Pharaoh City Desire Calculator v.1.03
The ultimate city design tool in Excel Format with easy to use copy & paste format. Includes all of the Pharaoh and Cleopatra structures with their associated desirability. You can even copy in Nero Would’s Family History Maps to design your entire city before you begin a new mission. Blocks created by the program can also be converted to HTML code for posting in Pharaoh Heaven.
Nero Would's
Family History maps in Excel format
You can download either Spoiler or Non Spoiler versions of these from the Pharaoh Heaven Miscellaneous Downloads section.
Nero Would and VitruviusAIA's
Pharaoh Housing and Culture Worksheet
The worksheet calculates food and goods consumption by houses and culture buildings, taxes, culture rating and prosperity cap. You can download this from the Pharaoh Heaven Miscellaneous Downloads section.

General Info:

3 things you wish you'd known as a beginner?
Dock optimation summary
Consumption of Food and Goods
Ben the Vizier's
Scoring Formula
Double a "getting" storage yard's delivery capacity

Commonly known as a Brugle Storage Yard, or BSY for short.
Vaia’s Storage Yard

Delivering non-imported food to disconnected Housing Blocks without micromanagement. (An adaptation of Brugle’s Storage Yard.)
Advanced Rules for Pharaoh

Optional rules that many of the advanced players folow.

Advanced Cities:

Baki, the hard way
Make Dakhla a challenge!
Dunqul Oasis at Very Hard without debt
Waset, and Very Hard goods consumption
Can we be kind to Kebetans
Many complications in Menat Khufu
Egalitarian Thinis
Immense Itjtawy
100 Palatial Estates in Hetep
This thread also has downloads available. The amazing thing with these cities is that they were done at Very Hard difficulty.
Baki-Balancing Housing Blocks and Ratings
This post is about VAIA's planning and construction for Baki. Again, there is a download available for this city.
Rostja in 317 months - guide & download
A thread for an informal competition for the fastest completion of Rostja.

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posted 06-30-01 05:12 ET (US)     1 / 71  
To these I would add another link on Production Rates, by Nerdicus Production Rates I use this table all the time.
posted 06-30-01 09:48 ET (US)     2 / 71  
Jimhotep's post #14 in this thread has a comprehensive chart of all the factors determining city sentiment. It's definitely on my list of standard references.,1450,1,0

Jimhotep has posted a bunch of other useful, basic information. This thread covers just about everything needed on gods and blessings:,1442,1,0

And this thread, though perhaps "advanced" in its material, is really useful for working out the specifics of combat (and what those numbers in the model.txt actually mean):,1467,1,0

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posted 06-30-01 12:47 ET (US)     3 / 71  
The official site has a briefing section on the various missions here at

That way you can start to plan in advance and use what you just learned on the prior city plus search the forum for advice on the new challenges you will encounter.

May Bast's blessings be upon you, always. See my Pharaoh Page at
posted 07-01-01 02:15 ET (US)     4 / 71  
I was going to add a link to Grumpus' site (the more recent one on, but when I tried to access it just now all I got was a "file not found" error message. Does anyone know if the site is gone? Or is this one of those internet things that just happen sometimes and in an hour or whatever the site will just magically reappear? Just in case it is the latter:
If the site should actually be gone, there is always the older version: Of course it hasn't been updated since Grumpus moved the site to, but it's still full of useful information.


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posted 07-01-01 03:34 ET (US)     5 / 71  
I found earlier today that his site was down, but since it was working earlier this week I presume its just a short term glitch. I'm sure Grumpus wouldn't let all that wonderful information disappear
posted 07-03-01 17:45 ET (US)     6 / 71  
That is a very good list Memsurs. I am honored that you included some of my posts.

The link to the “Housing Level Chart” is not correct. (Very easy thing to do when putting together a post full of links.) While you are editing your post to correct the link, you might also want to add a link to the “Pharaoh/Cleo Structures Chart” that I put together based on information furnished by Nero Would. The desirability information on the structures is especially useful, and it is a quick way to check to see if a structure needs coverage by fire marshal and/or architect.

posted 07-04-01 22:38 ET (US)     7 / 71  
Thank you VitruviusAIA. I have updated the link and added the Pharaoh/Cleo Structures Chart. I don't know how I missed that one, I have printed it out and look at it all the time lately. I guess it comes from posting while I am at work (shh, don't tell my boss! )
posted 07-26-01 10:20 ET (US)     8 / 71  
bump...... I need some of these links!
posted 07-28-01 10:27 ET (US)     9 / 71  
Hi y'all,

Could someone be so kind as to put a link to Brugles 'Which way to Thebes'....I,ve lost it....cant find it.....!!!

Ta much

The master of making easy look hard ---- What's wrong with Scooby Doo boxers?
Cockfosters visitor via a stunt cannon ---- Fan of the Great Cornholio Tee shirt dance
Coyote ugly beauty, parrott mangler & all round good egg ---- Have leather pants will travel
posted 07-28-01 13:51 ET (US)     10 / 71  
Rocky, I think it was Grumpus' page and the one that isn't anymore. Many people have wondered where it has gone?...

BTW, I found a way to get to see his opening page... I searched for it using Google, just writing "which way to thebes" and Google of course found it. I then chose the "cached" version (in the Google result page). Then, whalla ( as somebody wrote here and quite deliberately I believe ), there it was. Of course, you can't do anything with it, the links won't work and so on).

posted 07-28-01 15:15 ET (US)     11 / 71  
Grumpus The Elder's old site is still up, although it hasn't been updated for a long time. Some of the more recent information is missing, and some of the links don't work.

Most of the information is still there. You will find it here: Which Way to Thebes?.

posted 07-28-01 16:08 ET (US)     12 / 71  
Thanks V-AIA

The master of making easy look hard ---- What's wrong with Scooby Doo boxers?
Cockfosters visitor via a stunt cannon ---- Fan of the Great Cornholio Tee shirt dance
Coyote ugly beauty, parrott mangler & all round good egg ---- Have leather pants will travel
posted 07-28-01 19:21 ET (US)     13 / 71  
Is "whalla" the same as "oo-us loo-us?"
posted 07-28-01 23:21 ET (US)     14 / 71  
I do not know "whalla", neither "oo-us..." but I think Nefermenu meant "Whelleih" (North African translation of the likely meaning of Whalla.
posted 07-28-01 23:32 ET (US)     15 / 71  
I think she[edit]he [/edit] meant voila...french for 'bingo'...

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posted 07-30-01 02:05 ET (US)     16 / 71  
Exactly. And I mangle 'viola' into 'oo-us loo-us' (I think the derivation was something like viola ... waalaa ... waaslass ... oousloous) I guess it's a hick thing (even though I'm not really a hick).

Well, you know what they say ... "Sail a vee" or maybe it's "Say, Lovee"

posted 07-30-01 10:32 ET (US)     17 / 71  
Ilion, I oove last one:
I was not sure of the French "Voila" which would rather be translated by "Job done" or "That is it" but I would bet "Sail a Vee" comes from the French "C'est la vie" (that's life").
I recently learnt from them that Mexican "Mariachi", famous guitar singers you see in every John Ford or Peckimpah, comes from the French "Mariage" (wedding). Much French has become idiomatic from Louisiane(a) to California (due to Napoleon III but mostly to pirats).
posted 07-30-01 11:55 ET (US)     18 / 71  
This is quite off-topic of course (sorry), but...

What's that 'oo-us loo-us'? I've never seen that.

I've seen both whalla and viola, and both probably come from
French voila with something extra on top of the a letter. I take it whalla is pronounced like voila, and the viola is just the vowels changed.

They were just so funny , they stuck to my mind, and I'm going to use them now and then, maybe provided that the people I speak to know how it should be written. But then again, does it really matter?

But really, when I first read those terms, I was ROFL!

And the "Sail a Vee" is just hilarious!

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posted 07-30-01 16:24 ET (US)     19 / 71  
I'll bet Jean le Fete (I have no idea if that's how his name was spelled) the Carribean pirate, knew how to "Sail a Vee"
posted 08-14-01 16:31 ET (US)     20 / 71  
bumped... (by request)
posted 08-31-01 16:34 ET (US)     21 / 71  
I've updated this list some. I added JWorths recommendations in reply 2 and the Advanced Cities section.
posted 10-01-01 12:54 ET (US)     22 / 71  
added 4 more links... VAIA's wonderful consumption of food and goods, Ben the Vizier's calculation of the scoring formula, Brugle's original Brugle Storage Yard post, and Baltic's Rosta post.
posted 10-21-01 15:45 ET (US)     23 / 71  
Can a kind angel make this thread into a sticky, please? It's the second time around I searched for it today .
posted 10-31-01 13:08 ET (US)     24 / 71  
added wolfie's Cleo commities sheets link
posted 10-31-01 13:42 ET (US)     25 / 71  
Hello all!

It's an honour to have a link to my post about the score here!
Many thanks!

Ben The Vizier

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