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Topic Subject:Blockless Housing Blocks
posted 02-01-21 11:38 ET (US)         
Hi I started developing some roadless blocks for Londinium, I started with rectangular designs, but maybe square are better.

For now here is the first:
Mark A-I

It is a spiral square with a total size (including external road) of 18x18.

Reservoir is inside.

- Don't need oil (medium Insulae)
- Good for scoring quests
- Square Shape
- Perfect Coverage (Entertainment, Libraries, Schools)
- 17 medium insulae (2x2) (1428 citizens)
- Around 100 Unemployee

- Few markets (4), 6 is better but there is not enough space
- Max Medium Insulae (good for Londinium)
- Even if there are some wasted squares inside, there's not room for internal arrangment
- 2 tiles wasted for acqueduct "zig-zaggin"
- acqueduct on the same side of spiral begin (prevent specular shapes to share corner structures)
- No space for academy, tradeoff (2 external reservoir + 1 academy inside or 1 reservoir inside)
- On this run I completely forgot the Forum!

Future improvements:
I will probably try a 19x19 or 20x20 size, This will allow to put more stuff insdie (4 more temples, 2 markets, 1 academy). Also If I can somehow put the reservoir in a more centered place there will be more room on the inner road ring for other services. I will try first a tight pack with 19x19 to see if this is feasible.

Another Note:

I Can do 6 squares with 18 medium Insulae, for each square with 17 Medium insuale (and still get perfect coverage)

6 Squares of 18 and 1 square of 17 are (7*1500) citizens

P.S I seriously suspect that getting perfect coverage on everything is impossible, There are so few workers already that I can manufacture needed goods (so Entertainment is required for Luxury Villa, but Maybe I can just avoid randomly libraries or schools to get a bit more workforce) without getting too much economy from It

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HG Alumnus
posted 02-01-21 12:02 ET (US)     1 / 3       
Why a colosseum? Why 2 amphitheaters? Why a large temple?
posted 02-01-21 12:07 ET (US)     2 / 3       
Why a colosseum? Why 2 amphitheaters? Why a large temple?
Because This is designed to get perfect coverage, so 1 coliseum every 1500 citizen, 2 ampitheaters, of course if you just need to level up the houses this is a total waste. Every 15 blocks I can skip 1 ampitheather and 1 library. (probably I can skip a lot of temples too with oracles, but just starting out)

So basically asssuming I want perfect coverage for coverable things (Education, Entertainment, Religion) this is the basic buildling block. I will add more blocks in future with less strict requirments

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HG Alumnus
posted 02-01-21 12:54 ET (US)     3 / 3       
I see. As you said, no academies. What about hospitals?
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