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Topic Subject:Caesar III Housing and Culture Worksheet
posted 09-16-20 12:04 ET (US)         
Inspired by the Pharaoh Housing and Culture Worksheet, I decided to take a stab at designing a similar tool for Caesar III. I've tried to mimic the Pharaoh worksheet's look and layout as far as possible since Nero Would and VitruviusAIA did such a great job in the first place.

I would now like to request the community to try out the tool and check for errors in calculation or assumptions. Once we have some confidence in its accuracy, I would be happy to upload it to the Downloads section but for now I've made it publicly available via Dropbox.

Fish production is not calculated by the worksheet since it depends on the distance from the wharf to the fishing grounds as detailed here. If there is a reasonable way to estimate this, we could consider building it in.

The default percentages of 15% and 10% for school and academy going people respectively were arrived at based on sample data from three missions. I'd be happy to alter these if someone has done a more comprehensive study.
MissionPopulationSchool age%Academy age%

As for enhancements, I'm thinking of adding a section for calculating industry requirements for exports (user input will be number of shields traded by the city). This would calculate the number of raw material and finished goods buildings that are required to meet the demand.
posted 09-23-20 00:10 ET (US)     1 / 4       
Any feedback on this?
posted 09-23-20 04:11 ET (US)     2 / 4       
Looks nice! I know Caesar 4 Heaven has had a lot of these sort of calculators, but this looks more comprehensive, and as far as I'm aware is a first for Caesar 3.

I've only skimmed the worksheet, but I do have a couple of questions. I ran a quick sample of housing based on what I use in Capua, which is 28 Grand Insulae, 2 (merged) Large Shacks, 2 (merged) Large Tents, for a total of 2,496 people.

1) I'm surprised the worksheet doesn't give a "merged" option for housing from Small Tent through Small Casa. While I realize merged vs. unmerged housing is very important for calculating consumption rates of finished goods at Large Casa through Medium Insulae level, the merged vs. unmerged rate for all housing levels is important in accurately calculating prosperity, so I wonder why you didn't include that. On that note, I'm wondering if the prosperity calculations are working correctly. Inputting "8", "8" and "28" for Large Tent, Large Shack and Grand Insulae respectively, the worksheet tells me that Max Prosperity is 76; however, when I do the calculations myself ((28*80)+(2*20)+(2*10))/(28+2+2) I only get 71 point something--which is accurate because 71 is indeed my final Prosperity rating in this Capua scenario. So I'm a bit confused about the worksheet's calculation and wondered whether it has to do with the merged vs. unmerged or not.

2) Under Annual Consumption, I note that it lists 672 units/7 cartloads of Pottery, Furniture, Oil required each year, which offhand sounds accurate. However, I then note that it claims only one workshop is needed for each of these goods, which I'm quite sure is not right, because workshops only produce 4.8 cartloads of product per year. It should list 2 workshops, not 1 (but it is accurate that only 1 raw materials is needed for each.)

3) Since the worksheet already calculates goods consumption for housing, it would be nice if you could add in a "what I want to export" section where you can add in the desired number of each type of goods to export each year and have the worksheet provide a cumulative calculation of Units/Cartloads/Raw Materials/Workshops necessary to keep your city running while exporting the specified amounts of goods. I know this takes the worksheet in a bit of a different direction (more Goods rows would probably need to be added for this section of planning to make sense), and it's understandable that the first version didn't include this, but it would sure be a nice feature to making this worksheet a truly comprehensive plan for a city. (PS...OK, I should've read your full post more carefully before drafting this--you already recognize the value of adding in industry requirements for exports!)
posted 09-23-20 12:53 ET (US)     3 / 4       
Thanks a lot for your inputs Pamfafoofle (great name btw!).

The prosperity calculation was indeed wrong. Since I based this calculator off the Pharaoh worksheet, I didn't bother checking whether the two games calculate prosperity differently (which of course they do...Pharaoh uses population while Caesar III uses number of houses).

To fix it, I've added Mrgd housing inputs for all levels up to Medium Insulae and changed the formulas to compute using houses rather than population. I've also added a new column to report the total number of houses. This simplifies the formulas to some extent.

As for the required number of raw material and workshop buildings, the calculation was correct but the decimal components were not being shown. 672 units of pottery requires 1.4 workshops which Excel was showing as 1 due to formatting issues. I've now changed that to show two decimal places for cartloads, farms, raw material and workshop requirements.

A case could be made for rounding up to the next integer value but I can imagine some situations where this may not be desirable. For instance, 24 Large Insulae + 6 Grand Insulae require 7.09 non-northern wheat farms. One may wish to simply forgo production of the additional 9 units to save on the extra farm (and food distribution would probably be OK). So I think leaving this choice to the user is fine.

Version 1.1 of the worksheet can be downloaded using this link. I'd appreciate it if you could perform some more tests.

I'm glad to see interest in an export calculator. I'll start working on a version 1.2 to include that as well.

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