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Topic Subject:1 Granary Massilia
HG Alumnus
posted 03-28-20 16:29 ET (US)         
1 Granary Tarsus and 1 Granary Damascus were fun. Zarquan, the creator of the 1 granary challenge, said that Massilia was probably the hardest mission (if nearly everyone is fed), so I'll try to build a 1 granary Massilia. Hopefully everyone will live in grand insulae or better, although there might be a few temporary large insulae (if food distribution is inadequate). Except for some houses not having academy coverage, I will use the same rules as in 1 granary Damascus plus two more.

The maximum Peace should be obtained every year, which can be tricky at Very Hard difficulty. (Although I tried to do this and failed in 1 granary Damascus, it wasn't on the list of goals.) If the other requirements are met, the mission should be won in 16 years with Peace 74.

There will be no festivals and no blessings. This means no staffed temples for much of the first year.

The goals are:
* Only 1 granary
* No use of future knowledge
* Very Hard difficulty
* No debt, no rescue gift, and no cheats
* No personal funds
* No festivals and no blessings
* No long (forced) walkers that do anything useful
* Nothing I build can be deleted (unless I screw up)
* The poorest houses are (perhaps) large insulae or (preferably) grand insulae
* Prosperity 100
* Culture 100
* Maximum Peace
* Everyone is always registered for taxation
* All houses have theater coverage
* There is at least one of each entertainment venue
* All entertainment venues have shows at least part of the time
* Senate, governor's residence, hippodrome, and some of the best houses are close together
* All baths, markets, fountains, and the senate are upgraded
* All roads, including the original Road to Rome, are connected
* Good defense for attacks from any direction
* Stable for years without intervention except in response to events

13 wheat farms can provide half of the food for a little over the required 8000 population. I came up with a tentative farm layout with 13 wheat farms that can efficiently deliver to either the granary or a wheat warehouse (but 2 farms will lose a bit of production if they try to deliver to the granary, find it full, and deliver to the warehouse). The farms should have good labor access and fire/damage protection. There is also a vines farm and a fruit farm (for possible requests).

Without using future history, fish locations can only be approximated. However, even with fairly poor fish locations, fish production should be sufficient. I will design the city with more than enough possible wharves. At some point during construction, fish locations will be revealed, fish production can be estimated, and enough wharves will be built to make fish production about equal to wheat production.

I expect to take weeks or months to design and build 1 granary Massilia.
HG Alumnus
posted 04-02-20 11:46 ET (US)     1 / 3       
I am not as concerned about workers as in 1 Granary Damascus, since fewer workers are needed to grow food (even with about 1/3 more people) and defense shouldn't need to be as good (so few towers can be built if necessary). For example, I may put in more fountains so there will be fewer houses with some tiles not covered by a fountain.

All producible goods will be in warehouses, for possible requests. The wheat and fish warehouses may sometimes be empty.


If houses are a few large insulae, lots of grand insulae, and some large villas, at least 95 houses are needed with at least 7 large villas. With more large villas, Prosperity 100 is possible with more large insulae. (I hope for no large insulae, but more villas are nice.)

1 Granary Damascus produces about 2.0% extra food and works fine. Running it for 4 years after its houses were filled, its granary was full about 6% of the time. 1 Granary Massilia's granary seems likely to be full more often--I'll guess 8%. Annual wheat production should be about 249.3, and fish production should be about the same.

With either 88 grand insulae and 9 large villas (population 8202) or 87 grand insulae and 10 large villas (population 8208), about 1.5% extra food is produced. Let's try one of those.


A preliminary design for the island uses the farm layout from the opening post. There are 6 grand insulae, 4 fountains, 4 markets, 3 forums, and at least 2 each of other required buildings. Except for a bridge which takes a space, all possible wharves can be built. There are a wine workshop and several extra 2x2 culture buildings (probably mostly theaters), but the only warehouses are for wheat and fish.

The fish warehouse access point is the same distance (2 tiles) from the granary center as the wheat warehouse access point. The granary will be set to Accept (instead of Get) those foods, so a warehouse will only send food to the granary when the granary has less than 13 (1300 units) total food.

Mainland Basics

There should be four 46-tile loop housing blocks, with lots of markets. Their design should be fairly straightforward.

The dock and shipyard will be in the west, far from the granary (so they don't occupy good wharf locations). The barracks and military academy should be nearby.

8 pottery and 5 oil workshops will be in the north, not too far from the caravan entry and exit points. 5 timber yards and 9 or 10 furniture workshops may be nearby.
DDR Jake
posted 12-26-20 05:37 ET (US)     2 / 3       
My binges with Caesar 3 come and go, but it's comforting to know that even now, Brugle creates impressive feats. Studying your cities has helped me immensely in being a better city planner.
HG Alumnus
posted 12-26-20 07:57 ET (US)     3 / 3       
Hi DDR Jake,
I sometimes start planning a city then put it aside. After beginning this design, I built No Clinic Capua and a Pharaoh city Keeping Up With The Hoteps, and am now designing Rebel Lugdunum. Unless I keep finding new challenges, eventually I should build 1 Granary Massilia.
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