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Topic Subject:Weird Workshop in Londinium
Petrus Calvus
posted 11-21-02 04:28 ET (US)         
Having gathered all the pearls of wisdom in this forum, I decided to replay the peaceful mission again (for the Nth time)
I started with a disconnected part of the city, all small casa, producing weapons and pottery for export.
After a while I added 5 timberyards, 1 furniture workshop, 1 warehouse just accepting furniture for Caesar and 1 warehouse just accepting timber for export. And yes, exporting timber was "set". All traderoutes were open.

Everything was under control in this part of the city. Constant supervision was not longer required, so I concentrated on expanding in the North and planning some palaces in the South.

All went well, until I noticed - a few years in a row - that NO timber was sold.

Inspection: labouracces ok - timberyards working - furniture accepting warehouse full - timber accepting warehouse fully employed but EMPTY!

Closer inspection: all timbercartpushers pushed their timbercarts from the timberyards to ... the furnitureworkshop - NO timbercartpusher went to the timberwarehouse.

Closer inspection of the furnitureworkshop: 256units of timber available.

Anyone noticed this before?

Do I really have to build my timber exporting industry in the wilderness, disconnected from the more civilised part of Londinium? Does Caesar expect me to feed wolfmeat to those workers?

Horum omnium fortissimi ...
posted 11-21-02 04:44 ET (US)     1 / 7       
The short answer is Yes, we have noticed this before. If you want to export a raw material and as well process it at a workshop, then you need to have a seperate area to collect the raw material with its own wharehouse. Sad but you have no control over things like that. The good thing is you can now turn your timber yards off and that furniture workshop will churn out furniture for a very, very long time.
Duan Xuan
posted 11-21-02 05:07 ET (US)     2 / 7       
You don't really have to throw that part of the industry into the wilderness. I assume that you are building the 5 timberyards and 1 furniture workshop a considerably large area of forest on the map. You can just clear away more of the forest to build the timberyards/workshops so that there are two different sectors- 1 selling timber and 1 producing furniture. Just don't join the roads in the two sectors. Twist the roads around so that they can share the same labour access from those Casas.
Petrus Calvus
posted 11-21-02 05:31 ET (US)     3 / 7       


If you want to export a raw material and as well process it at a workshop, then you need to have a seperate area to collect the raw material with its own wharehouse

Is this really a general rule?
I remember exporting iron from the iron mines in Caesarea and producing weapons at the same time. The overproduction of iron was pushed nicely in a separate warehouse, just accepting iron, while the warehouse nextdoor accepted weapons.
I'm confused.
Deconfuse me please?

Horum omnium fortissimi ...
HG Alumnus
posted 11-21-02 16:15 ET (US)     4 / 7       
Hi Petrus Calvus,

No, that isn't a general rule, as your experience in Caesarea shows. I rarely export raw materials, but in several cities I've collected them (to prepare for possible requests) without making a separate area.

I am a little surprised by your description of timber yards delivering to the oversupplied furniture workshop. Before I read that, I imagined that your map had another disconnected furniture workshop (which often contains less than 2 timber), that the timber yards delivered to the timber warehouse, and that the timber warehouse then delivered to the oversupplied furniture workshop. This is because a warehouse containing a raw material will start a delivery if there is a warehouse anywhere on the map that has 0 or 1 raw material, but has to deliver to a workshop (or other warehouse) that is connected. For details, see my thread Warehouse can deliver abnormally with disconnected industries.

If that's the problem, then there are several solutions. One is what Clifford proposed and Duan Xuan echoed: have a disconnected area with timber yards and a timber warehouse but no furniture workshops. Another is to have a single connected area, with all timber yards, furniture workshops, and the timber warehouse close together. Another is what I described in the thread mentioned above, but it's a little tricky: make sure that any distant furniture workshop almost always have 2 timber.

Or, you could do what I did in Londinium, and avoid the problem by not selling timber. Depending on how fast trade caravans go through your city, selling timber might even cost you money, because the traders from Lindum might buy timber instead of pottery. But if your Londinium always sells 40 pottery each year then it wouldn't hurt to try to sell some timber too.

If the problem isn't what I described (for example, if there are no other furniture workshops), then I'd be quite curious to see it. If that's the case, and if you can't figure it out, you could send a (zipped) saved game to the address in my profile.

Petrus Calvus
posted 11-22-02 03:58 ET (US)     5 / 7       
Dear Brugle
As always, you've hit the nail on the head and put the finger on the sore spot. (Does this make any sense in English)
When Clifford told me that the problem was noticed before, I searched the forum again, and reread the thread you mentioned.
I have indeed a disconnected part of the city where one timber yard and two workshop produce furniture for the happy few.
Solution in my case: let the plebeians cut timber for export, and let the the patricians provide Caesar with furniture.
Thanks again

Horum omnium fortissimi ...
posted 08-18-20 04:04 ET (US)     6 / 7       
Yes, I've encountered the same problem trying to have a timber-for-export and furniture industry together, with furniture workshops stockpiling over 300 units of timber by the end and the timber warehouse never full. Londinium is the only scenario where I've encountered this type of problem. There aren't many scenarios where it's conducive to export raw materials, but on Mediolanum for example I export iron, and no problems with excess iron stockpiling in the weapons workshops there.

Thank you Brugle for solving the underlying problem with your Abnormal Warehouse Deliveries thread! Londinium is one of the scenarios where I use a "disconnected" building model with several completely independent housing blocks. Because Londinium has rich farmland, clay pits and timber yards, these independent blocks can reach Medium Insulae level without any goods distribution problems (which otherwise are a major problem given the huge map size)...but apparently a side effect of having each disconnected block serviced by its own furniture workshops is this glitch that prevents stockpiling of timber in a warehouse for export. I had already concluded that building a disconnected timber-for-export section allows my timber export to function normally; perhaps slightly less efficient than combining it with one of the furniture-making centers, but probably only at the cost of 1 extra timber yard and 1 extra engineer. But it's nice to have an understanding of why this apparently scenario-specific glitch was there! In any other scenario that I might wish to export a raw material (or I guess even stockpile it for Caesar requests), I use either a connected layout or else most of my disconnected blocks are only evolved to Small Casa level that don't require workshop goods, so I've never witnessed this problem elsewhere.
posted 12-22-20 21:07 ET (US)     7 / 7       
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