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Topic Subject: Rebellions -- How to deal with
posted 01-01-22 05:10 ET (US)   
First of all, Happy New Year (A bit early for China though)

I'm playing Jin Wudi -Refilling the Coffers (Luoyang) It appears to be a really simple scenario. All that's needed are Ornate Apartments, 20000 cash and a Splendid Temple.

The only supply of wood for the temple is Chengdu. Midway through Chengdu rebels, despite telling me they loved me just beforehand.

In the past, I might have sent a force to subdue it, but this is steel age and I would need wood to make steel and weapons, which was needed for the temple, so I had no force to send.

I sent a large gift of Silk (which they need) to see if that would end it, and eventually the rebellion was over but I have no idea if it made any difference.

Can you gift your way out of a rebellion? Or do they all just come to an end as the scenario designer specifies?

What options do players have?

Incidentally while the rebellion was going on, Chengdu gifted me some lacquer (!) and asked for Weapons (!) (seems bonkers) but I ignored the request.

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posted 01-01-22 08:54 ET (US)     1 / 3  
Hello Serrataur! I think I can help. I replayed the Jin-Wudi campaign recently.

Chengdu will rebel almost immediately in the first mission (perhaps a bit later if you are playing at "normal" or a lower difficulty setting). This rebellion occurs because you do not yet have any military units placed with soldiers in your city.

Once you have vassal cities, the game engine will do a periodic check to see if you have maintained at least one military unit in your city at all times. If you fail to do this, the vassal(s) will rebel. I believe this mission was intentionally designed with this in mind, to give us players a rebellion to deal with early in the mission.

I prefer the direct approach to quell a rebellion, i.e, send my army to crush the rebellious scum. The benefit of this is that the weapons booty received from the attack is usually quite nice to sell or use to flesh out a full military.

Sending gifts to a rebelling vassal will eventually work to quell their rebellion, but it takes longer and depends on the type of gift you send (try to send large gifts of a commodity that vassal wants to buy). The maximum cash gift of $2500 is also effective.

There is a game bug related to rebelling vassals that you may want to exploit. When the vassal rebels, they will stop trade with your city. However, if you simply save the game at that point and then reload it, they will suddenly trade with you again. Their rebellion is still in full-force but they will trade.

Hope this helps.

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posted 01-01-22 09:25 ET (US)     2 / 3  
Yes it does, thanks very much.

I replayed from middle of the scenario again. I still didn't have any forces. This time I did not send any gifts and the rebellion did not end.

However since my style of play is to make frequent saves, I must have reloaded one since (as you said) Chengdu started delivering wood again while still in rebellion.

It's not an exploit I'd want to use and can go on the list of
personal rules. Unfortunately real life means you often have to save and come back later.

I'll play it again with a couple of forts this time. Might need them on the return visit anyway.
posted 01-09-22 09:53 ET (US)     3 / 3  
Replayed twice more. No rebellion with two forts. In fact Chengdu was gifting me wood by the end.
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