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Topic Subject: Havimg some trouble on Along the Wei
posted 08-13-21 06:33 ET (US)   
So I recently got Emperor and I finished the tutorial. I also finished the first mission of the Shang Dynasty. And now I'm a bit stuck at Along the Wei.

Are the fluctuating moods of the other rulers normal? Hsang for example. The first mission was pretty easy and I barely interacted with them. On Along the Wei meanwhile, I'm able to get their disposition to Respectful and opened trade routes. A few minutes later, they're either furious/hostile and out for my blood. Am I missing something?
posted 08-13-21 10:52 ET (US)     1 / 1  
Some questions that might be related to the city reverting to 'hostile' favor towards you:

1. Where did you get your version of the game? Original CD? GOG? Steam? If it is one of those, you should be ok, but if you got the game through freeware or "Soldout" games, be advised it may be bugged to cause this.

2. What is the version of the game you have? You need to verify it has the patch, which would be version If it only shows 1.0, it is not patched. You can download the patch from the Miscellaneous files section of our Downloads here at the Emperor Heaven site.

3. Are you making many requests for goods from the city that suddenly becomes hostile? Or are you ignoring request for goods that the other city has requested from you? Doing those things can cause a rival city's favor towards you to drop.

4. What difficulty level are you playing at? The higher difficulty levels can trigger more volatile relations with other cities.

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