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Topic Subject: How stupid is this game!
posted 12-12-20 12:38 ET (US)   
I'm playing, or rather trying to play the 5th episode of the 'Qin' campaign, which sees the player return to the episode 2 city, only to run into 2 illogical problems.

1 the smaller of the 2 monuments. Having constructed the large palace in episode 2 on a patch of land across the stream, I have a small amount of wood left over. When I instruct workmen from a warehouse sighted near the smaller monument to get the wood from the other warehouse, they walk right past it and get on a ferry crossing to take wood from a distant warehouse, one supplying wood to tax offices.

2 In need of a second common housing block, the staff getting food for the mill walk past the warehouses with the designated food in them and, instead, go to the distant warehouses that are serving the first common housing and elite housing blocks.

Sorry, but in an ideal world or not, it's prudent to get what is needed from the nearest rather than the furthest source.

Does anyone know how to fix this?
posted 12-13-20 10:26 ET (US)     1 / 2  
Did you check that those warehouses being bypassed are set to "get" the commodities that you want removed from them? If they are, you will need to change that setting before those commodities can be removed from those warehouses.

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