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Topic Subject: mysteriously losing city defence
posted 03-04-20 15:52 ET (US)   
i'm doing the first map where you get iron in Zhou dynasty and getting attacked by Ji and later ganged up on by other cities.

during a battle the game sometimes pops up with 'Defeated: you are forced to pay tribute as a vassal', and I'm not sure why. What are the conditions for losing? They didn't even attack my city or destroy any buildings either time.

- In a huge battle where several cities invaded me that lasted for months I lost most of my 12 or so armies but still had a large number of towers and all the walls in tact.

- In another game, near the start of the map I had excellent wall/tower defences and just started building my first army. The enemy didn't even get into combat with my army or destroy anything and it declared that I lost and was a vassal. I was really looking forward to testing my tower defences! The battle was over in about 1 minute.

Any idea what's going on? Is it a balance of their armies vs my army numbers that decides on win/lose?
Is there a timeout in which I have to destroy the invaders?
Why won't they even attack my city?

I would have assumed they would have to destroy at least some of my important buildings to win...
posted 03-05-20 07:02 ET (US)     1 / 2  
The game uses an algorithm to determine your army's strength. This algorithm recalculates during the game-months that the battle stretches, and of course will change depending on various things that happen.

In this algorithm, the strength of your available army is compared to the strength of the invading army. Once your strength calculates at zero, while the enemy army calculates above zero, you lose the battle and that "Defeat" message pops up (meaning you are now a vassal). Note that this calculation begins to occur when the enemy first arrives on your map, and thus can result in you immediately losing a battle if your strength calculates to zero at that time.

Here are some things we have noticed over the years that affect your military strength:

1. Military units you have away from your city (somewhere on the empire map) do NOT add to your strength for the calculation.
2. Military towers and gatehouses do NOT add to your strength, even if they are fully-manned and you see crossbowmen spawning from them.
3. If your military units in the battle become demoralized (their morale shows "fleeing") they will no longer add to your strength calculation. If the battle is prolonged, it is possible for their morale to increase again, at which time they will again add to your strength calculation. (Note: demoralized units will increase morale if you order them back to their fort and insure they receive supplies of weapons. As they retrain new soldiers, each one will automatically march to the city palace, touch it, and then return to the fort. After all new soldiers have done this, the unit's morale will begin to raise again.)
4. If you have a hero in your city who was fighting capability (Guan Yu, Sun Tzu, Bodhidharma, Huang Di, Sun Wu Kong), this hero will count as a military unit and add to your strength, until he is defeated and vanishes from your map. Note that in some custom campaigns the enemy armies may include a fighting hero, and in these cases this hero adds to the strength of the enemy army.
5. Borrowed troops you may have requested from another city will only add to your strength once they arrive on your map, at which time they function exactly like your own troops (except they cannot be replenished with soldiers/weapons if they suffer casualties).

I think that covers it and should illuminate what you are experiencing. I also encourage you to use the search feature at the bottom of this forum to learn more. It's best to do simple keyword searches like "military", and you can uncover forum threads we've had over the years about the military aspect of Emperor. Same goes for other topics.

Happy gaming!

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posted 03-05-20 09:55 ET (US)     2 / 2  
awesome reply! thank you! i suspected it was something like that but it's great to have some clarity.
i'm getting a little addicted to Emporer ... it's much more involved than earlier titles. will definitely be searching for more tips...
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