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Topic Subject: Lacquer-ware maker not taking lacquer/producing
posted 12-13-19 09:31 ET (US)   
Details of my game: Patched version, had some problems with resolution and such but been fixed. Even had an issue with buildings working but not animating (issue fixed itself, not sure what I did).

I'm now in the mission that needs me to produce 18 lacquerware a year, build a temple complex and 2 more objectives which I can't quite remember off the bat. But the problem is, my lacquerware maker is not taking in lacquer. I have wood production up and in fact have 4 full loads in each maker. The deliverymen from the lacquer plantation are simply standing outside the plantation and not moving. The only way they move is if I set a storehouse to accept lacquer (which I've tried, even put the storehouse next to the lacquerware makers) but all it does it stockpile the lacquer. it doesnt send any to the makers. and yes the storehouse is set for "Accept" not "Get".

Is this a bug? I've tried googling the issue but doesn't seem like anyone has it.
posted 12-13-19 09:55 ET (US)     1 / 2  
Some things to check:

1. Is there a complete connecting road network between the lacquer farm and the lacquerware makers? Pathing via a road must be traceable between them.

2. Do you have lacquer set to 'stockpiling' ? (It would appear in red text if you do). You must not have it set to stockpiling.

3. Do you have the lacquerware makers turned off (not accepting workers)? They must be turned on.

4. Do the lacquerware makers have full employment? Right click on them to see if they are fully staffed with workers.

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posted 12-13-19 17:23 ET (US)     2 / 2  
Wow. I can't believe I didn't think of the stockpile possibility. Perhaps I've not played for a long time and forgot it can be done. Yes, it was being stockpiled. I must've accidentally clicked it and never noticed.

Thanks so much and sorry for being a dolt.LOL
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