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Topic Subject: High Land Problem
posted 12-02-21 21:50 ET (US)   
Hi all

I am making a with the editor and have ran into a problem with a patch of high ground at the edge of the map.

I an unable to remove the high land. I have used the
Lower Land and Lower High Land but they are not getting rid of the unwanted high land

I keep getting black and green markers showing along the edges of the unwanted high land area

I had this problem once before but was somehow able to edit past the edge of the map so I was able to remove the problem land. I can not remember how I did that.

Can someone please help me.

Thank you
posted 12-03-21 00:49 ET (US)     1 / 2  
Hi fifthlamb,

You can scroll past the edge of the map by pressing Alt+d and then scrolling. I hope that helps to get rid of the unwanted elevation.

For reference: all hotkeys can be found here.

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posted 12-06-21 14:32 ET (US)     2 / 2  
Hi fifthlamb,

I have some experience with this problem. Whenever I want to construct hills on the edge of the map, I use the biggest brush and put the cursor right on the edge of the map when I elevate (alt-d activated). This way the land is elevated even beyond the border of the map (presumably as it is invisible), and for me this has prevented the occurrence of these black and green error tiles you mentioned (at least, up until 5 levels of elevation, I have not tried anything higher). Decreasing the elevation is done in the same way. Now my suggestion would be to to start increasing the elevation on the same spot again, using the method described above, until you reach the height of your original hill. Next, decrease the elevation in the same manner. If this does not do the trick, you might consider flattening the elevation (one of the options in the top left corner of the editor).

Hope this helps
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