posted 10-07-21 06:25 ET (US)   
Well, I'm redisigning the Zeus Stronghold and I'm trying to place bigger statues (the bigger ones, not the bronze ones) for all the Chrono's childs (Poseidon, Hera, Hades, Demeter and Zeus, as long Hestia is not represented in the game). BUT... there's an issue: when the artisans are creating them, they just do two of the gods. I want to place like eleven of this statues (two for everyone who's not Zeus and three for him), and what is finally happening is that Hades get one and another one (usually Demeter) gets the other ten.

Then my question is... does anyone know which number should be modified in the Hex Editor so you can remove that limit? I'm assuming this could be done the same way you can remove the city-4-sanctuaries limit, but I don't really know if it can apply to somewhat else.

Thanks in advance!