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Zeus: Adventure Design
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Topic Subject: Some Basic Hints & Tips on Adventure Building
posted 03-03-01 00:06 ET (US)   
Little odds & ends about adventure building that I've run across, either via the manual or just by playing around with the editor.

1) if you want one of your episode goals to be a quest or a "slay monster", then you must create the event for it via the "episode goals" button, *not* the "events" button - it will automatically add this into your events list.

2) there are only two kinds of events which can be triggers; that is, the completion of Event A will make Event B happen. These are the "monster invades" and the "quest" events.

For instance - let's say that you want the player to get attacked by Demeter after Medusa is killed ('dusie belongs to Demeter)... let's say you've got event #7 set up as the "monster unleashed" (if the monster's owner is an opponent god) or a "monster invades" (if the monster is independent) event. Set up event #8 as a "god invasion" event, and choose Demeter as the invading god. Set the event timing as "triggered only", and at the bottom of the window have it refer back to event #7. Set the time frame for +4 to +6 (give the player time to summon Perseus and kill Medusa).

3) a triggered event *must* be written *after* the event doing the triggering. In the example above, event #8 is the 'triggered event', and event #7 is the trigger. You *cannot* write them the other way around, even if you refer to the proper event.

4) events do not have to be written in any specific order, with the exception of triggered events. However, it might help your sanity if you do them in chronological order... write the event that takes place in the first year of an episode before the one that takes place in the 7th year.

5) make sure the gifts match - if an episode goal is to set aside 16 Wheat for a colony, make sure you write an event into the colony so that it gets a gift of 16 Wheat sometime during the first couple of months.

6) when offering the player a choice of different colonies, make sure you write their goals into each parent episode as gifts... if Colony A needs to set aside 12 Olive Oil as a goal, make sure you write in a gift of 12 Oil as an event in every subsequent parent episode.

7) remember that each player has a different building style - give them plenty of room in a map to play around with, unless it's supposed to be a limited map (such as Salamis colony in "Open Play Military 2")


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posted 07-09-11 14:00 ET (US)     1 / 5  
With the latest version of Poseidon, it does not appear to matter whether the triggering event is before or after the trigger. Possibly this was true with an earlier version, or something else screwy made it appear to be true?
posted 10-21-12 14:28 ET (US)     2 / 5  
Event triggering has caused me so much trouble.

I'd add though with regard to setting aside/gifts that, unless you have that same goal/those same goals in all of your colony episodes, you set the gifts up to be received in the parent city episode immediately after your last colony episode, otherwise you're pre-empting which colony the player will choose to play first and he/she will get confused when he/she receives a good/goods they didn't set aside.
posted 03-10-15 05:28 ET (US)     3 / 5  

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