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Topic Subject: Granaries dont send food to Markets
posted 09-24-22 22:07 ET (US)   
Playing poseidon, First campaign, the third escenario, my granaries stop sending food to my normal agoras.

I have had 3 normal towns and a elite town. The elite continues normal up to suffering for lack of people. The others fallen very fast. First thing that it was a problem of the new town ibwas building, but later i saw with horror that my population was in 800 (from more than 2000) and my first main neighboor have decreased. Granaries were full

1)my grand agora continues working normally
2)Markets continue having other goods (oil and fleece)
3)If i builded a new granarie, the first time it start working normally, up to the markets were fill a first time. After that they stop working. If i delete and rebuild granarie, it happens again.
4)Finally i replay the scenario and the bug didnt happen again. Unable to replicate.

Ps:I am having an strange bug now weing this message
posted 09-25-22 02:31 ET (US)     1 / 2  
You probably accidentally started stockpiling food, which means no one can use it. This is easy to do by accident: go to the Industry tab, you will see a list of resources on the right. If a resource is listed in yellow, it is being stockpiled. Click on it to stop stockpiling it.

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posted 09-25-22 23:55 ET (US)     2 / 2  
Thanks. Why it was temporally solving when deleting and re-building granaries? And why my rich neighboorhood was unafeccted?
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