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Topic Subject: Stadium / Museum - How Far Away Can They Be?
posted 01-23-22 14:28 ET (US)   
I have a general question about Stadium and Museum access for Elite houses. This might cascade into a question about culture / science walkers outside of housing blocks in general. In lots of builds I'm seeing, people have stadiums and museums outside of elite housing blocks. The elite housing blocks have roadblocks that don't allow the stadium / museum a direct connection to the block. Still, people are able to give the elites full access to culture though they are far away. How is this done? Are competitors actually generated at gymnasiums, and the stadium works like a theater / podium?

I guess that is my main question - Where are these special walkers generated from, and what is dictating their ability to cross into different closed-off housing blocks? The only data I can find is what I observe myself, and what's on the site saying they have 35 tiles of movement.
posted 01-24-22 10:11 ET (US)     1 / 3  
This is described using Zeus terminology.

There are two types of walker:
Random walkers which you control by the length of their walk and road blocks, and destination walkers which go from the generating building to the destination building and ignore roadblocks.
Gymnasiums generate both types of walker. Athletes are random walkers, and give housing gymnasium access, but they also generate competitors which are destination walkers. They are generated at gyms and go to the stadium which can be much further away.

You need a competitor to pass a manor to turn it into an estate, but the stadium does not have to be in the estate block as long as you contrive to have destination competitors passing the estates.

To complicate matters, stadiums themselves generate random walking competitors

Generally speaking I'd have a stadium in an estate block as it only needs one tile access and you have to put it somewhere. But I might also have a second estate block which cannot have a second stadium but with care you can place two gyms in it to provide the competitor access.

Thus you can have lots of lovely charioteers.

On any map on the culture tab click the "see competitors" button to see where the competitors come from and go to.

Poseidon is broadly similar except for using Museum and University (generates random scholars and destination curators) instead of gym and stadium. In addition the university generates destination astronomers which go to the Observatories.

If there is something else going on then I don't know about it, but someone else might.

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posted 02-06-22 10:32 ET (US)     2 / 3  
Yup, when the Stadium is not on the same block it can get tricky to place the Gymnasiums in order to cover all the elite houses.

I don't know about the 35 tiles of movement for these competitors but from what I've experienced is that you can rely on how they start walking (in which direction) and that they they don't seem to double back like the other walkers do once they've spent their allowed number of tiles of walking. Competitors spawned from Gymnasiums always keep going ahead (to the Stadium).

One thing that can mess things up is how the elite housing block is connected to the stadium.
Just to be sure, you may want to leave exactly one connection so playing around with the Gymnasiums locations is easier, that way the exit point for those competitors is always the same no matter what
posted 02-17-22 08:39 ET (US)     3 / 3  
It's been a while since I've last played the game actively, so my memory's foggy, but to expand on Serrateur's reply, yes, there are two types of walkers.

-- The usual walkers which have a limit to how much they can walk before returning (which the details you've already found on the heavengames site).

-- The destination walkers, which have a fixed destination (e.g. philosophers from college to podium, competitors from gymnasium to stadium, scientists from workshop to laboratory etc).

The destination walkers (the one you're referring to with gym to stadium) are different such that they (1) can cross/ignore road blocks, (2) don't return to their spawn point like the others do...

But there's a limit. After a certain amount of tiles, they tend to disappear. This number of tiles is very long however, and I think that number is between 204-210 steps (memory's foggy), so you could exploit that to allow destination walkers to supply many housing blocks over very long pathways.

Also, if you have say, a college on a road with two paths linking to two podiums, it usually takes turns in supplying destination walkers to each podium one at a time, so you'd have one walker heading one podium, and then, one walker to the other. And they can provide culture on the way.

Furthermore, destination walkers would always take the shorter route if there are two or more paths linking to their destination, and this could be exploited easily with the culture buildings.
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