posted 10-18-21 23:56 ET (US)   
Just found & playing Zeus & Poseidon on Steam. The one thing that strikes me both playing now and remembering playing as a kid is just how useful Hermes is, especially in Zeus since his sanctuary was built in 5 out of the 7 parent cities in the Zeus adventures when I played (6 out of 8 if you want to count Ithaca in The Odyssey custom adventure). For such a small sanctuary, he sure does help in a lot of ways. Traders moving faster allowing for more money to be made, deliveryman moving faster that helps tremendously in keeping all supplies for houses filled and exports being sold, and not having to sweat for requests for goods that can't be easily produced in the city. A real bargain for the benefits he brings for the low cost of his sanctuary. Not to mention the fact that his sanctuary can work effectively wherever it is put in the city too, so I don't even have to think for a second as to where to put it to optimize benefits from him. The next closest bargain I could think of is Hephaestus when you can sell armor and sculpture. I definitely utilized him in Sparta at the early episodes by being able to run up the exports of sculpture to Corinth.

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