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Topic Subject: Perseus and Medusa 0 yearly profit
posted 06-23-21 12:14 ET (US)   
Hello everyone, I'm new here since I recently got infected with the Zeus bug after a very long time!
So after finishing Zeus and Europa, I moved on to Perseus and Medusa. And I'm stuck in the first chapter.
I cannot reach any profit at all. I tried the usual stuff, lowered wages etc. and already export as much as possible but it still continues to say 0 profit. All the other goals are met. Employment and all that is good, so that's not an issue...any ideas as to why?
Thanks in advance!
posted 07-09-21 10:41 ET (US)     1 / 1  
Hi. The profit goal on this mission should be reachable by selling Fleece. As long as you build nothing and don't have excessive expenditure from wages, you should meet the goal. You can control expenditure from wages by removing buildings you don't need and keep things as simple as is possible to meet the other goals of the mission.

Its important to note that profit means that your overall net in/out value is a positive number. If, at the end of a year, your net in/out flow is a negative number, it means you are losing money each year and are not making a profit. You can use the Treasury information [i don't remember which tab has this] to see your in/out flow and what you're losing money on.
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