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Topic Subject: My Elite Block
posted 10-30-00 10:28 ET (US)   
Please comment, ask questions or post your own blocks. I had to use the C3 glyphs so it'll take some deciphering.

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posted 10-30-00 10:32 ET (US)     1 / 22  


The block holds 12 estates, not the 6 shown. I have 2 deleted sections to compress the image so it will fit in this window.

I've used several different building types and have tried to stay visual.

Temple= Maintenance Office
Forum= Tax Collector
Theatre= Podium
Amphitheatre= Gymnasium
Coliseum= Theatre
Gatehouses are 2 Common Agoras (vs. 1 Grand Agora)
Fountains= Roadblocks
Oracles= Flower Gardens
Plazas= Boulevard or Avenue sections of roads
Statue= Monument

I don't bother with infirmaries or watchposts in my elite blocks. Culture destination walkers enter from schools on the right of the block. The stadium is on the left of the block.

When I do a city, I place roads around 19x15 cells to make a grid. In my elite blocks, I delete 1 road segment from the grid to make a 15x39 cell.

This block can evolve to estate level. It will give 6 companies of hoplites if supplied with wine, 6 of calvary if given horses.

I'll build 2 or 3. More than 3 is not required as 3 will give all elite companies except for 3 rabble. 18 elite companies is enough to butt-kick all of Greece.

I'll post my 15x19 common block later.

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posted 10-30-00 13:58 ET (US)     2 / 22  
Here is my 15x19 common housing block. The Artist's Colony shown alternates between Drama Schools and Colleges. I build 1 school in each block so 4 blocks would be 2 drama schools and 2 colleges in the city. Like the elite block, it is designed to fit into a gridded layout of 15x19 cells.


I used the same legend as the elite block. The watchpost is the red temple, the m.o. is the orange temple. The governors mansion is the infirmary as it is the only non-estate 4x4 glyph. I'll often stick my hero's hall in place of the infirmary.

I like it because it gives me lots of locations in the city for all my monuments. I'll often switch the tax collector into the watchpost position and put two podiums in if I'm not perfect in culture. I'll also replace a school with a second gym if I'm short of gyms.

For an example of the two blocks, in an earlier form, download my Thebes from the download section to see them in action.

Please share your blocks

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posted 11-13-00 11:13 ET (US)     3 / 22  
Changed the block to give 14 houses.

posted 11-13-00 14:09 ET (US)     4 / 22  

14 is a good number for elite housing , mine is about the same - haven't used the two single vs. grand agora though I like the idea - only difference, I put one (1) theatre somewhere near stadium and have Drama school, gym, mo, tax and podium at end (saves a little space & drachmes since usually only need one theater no matter how many elite streets I build)- haven't gotten to beautification part yet - still going through adventures (3 episodes left)

posted 11-13-00 14:24 ET (US)     5 / 22  
You get enough entertainment coverage with a school. It produces enough walkers? Good idea!

I was trying to figure out where I would put the schools for my two elite blocks in Iolcus. Plus, I goofed with a dock and was going to have to move my theatre anyways. I'll put a college and theatre in one block and the drama school and podium in the other. Hopefully I'll still win some competitions. I want 30 monuments for this city.

Here is a section of the end of a two-elite block system, ala CF


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posted 11-13-00 14:53 ET (US)     6 / 22  
Yep! - at least so far....

I learned not to be so absolut anymore, after my hero halls 'surprises'

posted 11-14-00 09:40 ET (US)     7 / 22  
It's working fine for me... so far
I have 4 manors in place in Iolcus Episode 3, that are being supplied with culture in this setup. Great idea.
I think if I do three blocks in a future city, I'll put the first two in this setup and use the regular setup for the third. I don't know if I'd trust two drama schools to supply their respective blocks while trying to supply one theatre.
posted 11-14-00 12:16 ET (US)     8 / 22  

if theater won't take 'em, there is always a chance they go to more competitions (and maybe win you some more monuments ) - I'd try and see what happens, you can always add if it shouldn't work.

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posted 11-20-00 09:55 ET (US)     9 / 22  
One of my big problems with the game is trying to decide which blocks actually need theatres to evolve due to the culture bonus. So, I place them in every block and use a lot of employees.
I got to thinking that since I am big into overkill regarding culture placement, I may as well take advantage that all my common housing blocks have all 4 entertainments and use it for my elite housing.
I used a variation of my basic concentric with an exit designed to direct the competitors and have a 22x24 block that holds 25 common and 6 elite houses.
I am using it in 'Hercules Labours'. It is cheap and easy to make the switch to elite housing mid-game as no extra blocks are required and the services and employees and goods are in place. As well, with a six manor/estate limit per block, this means more armor and horse vendors supplying your army.
it can be compressed by 3 tiles on the second block if you use the row of monuments to back the elite houses in the second block. So a 2 block arrangement needs 24x41 rather than 24x44.

Apologies as I do not have a word processor here at work on this computer to label the block. I will try to do it at home tonight.


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posted 11-20-00 16:28 ET (US)     10 / 22  
Here is a more compact version that holds 8 manors and 18 common housing. Lets you do more blocks to get more elite housing without causing too much unemployment. 4 of these will get you 4320 commoners (1080 each block).

The blank space is a house but I had to leave it out because it was causing a wierd offeset in the image.

posted 11-21-00 08:52 ET (US)     11 / 22  
And 32 elite housing -

If this block works - that would be the ultimate in efficency - nice going Senet

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posted 11-21-00 09:00 ET (US)     12 / 22  
The block in post#9 works perfectly. The competitors head straight for the exits and I've had the top row as manors with only two monuments in the top row as pictured. I haven't tried the block in post#10 but it should go. The main catch would be the 54 tile loop.
posted 11-21-00 09:24 ET (US)     13 / 22  

thats about what I counted -

posted 11-21-00 21:06 ET (US)     14 / 22  
Could it be that smaller might sometimes be better?

The first time I played Tenedos I used an elite housing block of 10 estates. The second time around I was forced, by space limitations to use two blocks of six estates each.

The two smaller blocks worked much better than the single larger one. After a battle having the services of two arms vendors and two horse trainers instead of one each greatly speeded up re-equipping the army. This enabled me to attack early and often.

At Tenedos, playing at Olynpian difficulty, both Ethiopia and Lyrnessus are formidable opponets, and I had to wear then down by repeated raiding. I did this by what I call "Rope-a-Dope Raiding". I would hit them with half my force led by Archilles. When they returned, I would immediately snatch Archilles up, put him in charge of the other half of the force, and send off another raid. By the time the second set of raiders returned, I had the first batch re-equipped and ready to go again. Then when my opponets were down to one or two shields, I would rearm the whole force and send them out as a conquering party. I could never have done this as quickly as I did using a single larger block.

Certainly, having two blocks instead of one costs more, uses more workers, and occupies more space, but in this case at least, they were far more effective.

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posted 11-22-00 09:26 ET (US)     15 / 22  
Good point Grumpus. I've only finished the first two adventures and I haven't done much fighting yet (I avoid it when I can). I'm just starting Athens Through the Ages, which looks to have quite a bit of warfare in it. I might try designing a large elite block with space for an optional common agora for extra arms and horse traders. That should get me the faster re-arming without very many additional employees.
posted 11-22-00 10:15 ET (US)     16 / 22  

thats exactly what Senets block would do - 1,2,3,4... 'independent' estate units - if it works.

We could call it 'Senets hexadecimal block' (SHB)

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posted 11-22-00 10:56 ET (US)     17 / 22  
I've done some fooling and some retooling and have come up with a 52-tile inner loop block that I will call my Balanced Block.

It holds 15 common housing and should evolve all the way to give 900 people. It has 7 elite housing and should go to manors/estates.

Four would give a worker pop of 3600 which should be enough for most maps. Four would also give 14 companies (6 would max you out) of companies that should be able to rearm fast.

It has a 22 wide by 20 tall footprint so it is not even that big. I tried to get compact and acheive a balance between common and elite housing.

It may run into trouble in initial scenarios that do not allow avenues. In this case a road behind the left and bottom houses would be required till avenues become available.

I haven't tested in desirability-wise for the differing difficulty levels. A fish pond may need to replace two houses and two gazebos below the inner manors to make it work at a cost of 120 people.

posted 11-25-00 04:07 ET (US)     18 / 22  
Hi, I was using SenetEr's block (post 17th) on my Zeus&E mission 2. Which you have to build some elite houses. My elite houses won't upgrade until I found out there were no gym and drama school! Hrm... I end up clearing up two elite houses for the gym and school, tho I was able to slip another common house in.

Is there another block that include gym and school, but in the same time contains 7 elite houses?

Or am I misunderstanding something here...

Thanks SenetEr.

posted 11-25-00 14:12 ET (US)     19 / 22  
Ritz: It takes a little deciphering and reading back in the posts. If you click on the legend link and find the building for the amphitheatre in C3, SenetEr is using that for the gymnasium. So the block does have one. You don't actually need a drama school in the block as long as you have a theatre. The glyph for that is the coliseum in C3. You would of course need an active drama school somewhere in the city with road access to the block.

SenetEr: I'm a little confused on another point. Somewhere along the way I'm assuming you switched the glyph for the tax collector from the forum to the yellow/orange colored temple? And the blue temple is now the M.O.?


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posted 11-25-00 16:47 ET (US)     20 / 22  
ahhh... I get it now. Told you I must misunderstood something
posted 11-26-00 11:59 ET (US)     21 / 22  
I especially like the combined worker/elite housingblock in message 9. Looks VERY nice. Like it more then the bigger one in your next post because it's more symmetrical and therefor nicer IMHO. I'm going to try it in the next episode I'll play. Thanks,

a Flemish Knight
posted 11-27-00 09:27 ET (US)     22 / 22  
JMR, yes I switched the forum, which was ugly and not very visual, to Mercury's temple to represent the tax office. I still use the blue temple for the M.O.
I will alternatively use the fountain to represent columns and benches. It's all very confusing. I've tried to be visual when I do the glyphs, hence the use of the grey entertainment structures to be the culture items in Zeus.

If any of my glyphs are confusing to people, please e-mail me and I'll help out.

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