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Topic Subject: Counting Sheep & Gathering Fleece
posted 10-30-00 10:11 ET (US)   
Couldn't sleep the other night so i decided to count some sheep.

Each Carding Shed or Dairy will allow you to place 8 sheep or goats. Consequently, the sheep make 8 fleece per year MAX (other variables include distance to herds, full employment etc.)

Since i was counting sheep and not goats, i'm not sure how much cheese is produced. Saving that for another sleepless night.

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posted 10-30-00 11:22 ET (US)     1 / 18  
I'm almost (but not quite) certain that there's only one cheese 'harvest' per year. That equates to 8 cheese from every dairy (on average). Since dairies take fewer employees than farms, they are a more efficient food source, but do seem to work better if the accepting granary is close by (they only transfer one unit of cheese at a time while farms transfer all 8).

The amount of fleece/cheese that an individual carding shed/dairy yields can vary substantially, depending on distance to flock etc., but the average over all such buildings is always 8 units.

A further complication is that cheese and fleece industries have to be localised in one place, since shepherds and goatherds will head halfway to Athens to milk a goat or shear a sheep: they will not merely concern themselves with their 'local' flock.

I reckon that's quite a nice piece of game balancing myself

Caesar Alan | The Appian Way | The Trojan Horse (currently offline)
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posted 10-30-00 14:20 ET (US)     2 / 18  
Yes, on maps with multiple pasture areas, it generally pays to specialize each pasture in one farming industry rather than mixing them all up at each pasture.

Having each pasture have sheep/goats/farms/vinyards and olive trees will mean farm workers for all these different industries will wander all over the map and slow down the system with their travels.

Better to have one pasture just goats, another just sheep, another just olive trees, and another just vinyards. Food farms you can generally toss in anywhere, as their main delay is the yearly trip to carry their harvest to market.

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posted 10-30-00 16:02 ET (US)     3 / 18  

Separate meadows for grapes and olives might be ok, but the growers are multi-taskers That is growers will travel to either area and bring back raw goods to process.

You can end up with both grapes and olives in the growers lodges and they need road access to both the wineries and the olive presses.

posted 10-30-00 16:08 ET (US)     4 / 18  
It also makes placing Sanctuaries to Athena and Dionysus tricky, as they will divert pruners/harvester from their usual locations. It is frequently not possible to place the sanctuary right next to the meadows, especially in locations where the meadows are built on hillsides.
posted 10-30-00 16:11 ET (US)     5 / 18  
Caesar Alan, add to that the fact that the people from the grower's lodges will go pick grapes, even when they're near olives. Then if there's no road connection from that lodge to a winery, you have no wine; and of course, vice versa with the olives.
posted 10-30-00 16:43 ET (US)     6 / 18  
Yes, very true. Grapes and olives should be either on the same pasture or close together because the growers lodges are used by both. I haven't played many maps when both are available since the tutorials, however.

When I put in either the God of Olive oil or Wine temples, I generally remove the vineyards/olive orchards from other parts of the map. Surrounding the temple with it's favorite building for that god to bless (olive presses and wineries) just leaves you overrunning in that product. There's little point in growing it on other parts of your map as well.

Demeter's temple is odd. It gets this 1-square ring of pasture surrounding it. You do not want to have any roads or anything next to the temple when this pasture gets created, since any covered squares will remain blank for the rest of the game.

I suspect that surrounding her temple with farms placed on that small ring of pasture and then placing a road so Demeter can bless them all as she walks by and boost their productivity is really the intent.

I've tried putting goats and sheep in this little ring of pasture to little effect. I may try placing a road looping around the Demeter's temple but off of the pasture, and fill this with dairies/carding sheds that she can bless as she walks by, see if it works better. Haven't had any success in getting herding functions blessed yet.

Maybe we'll be waiting for a temple to Pan to help us with the pasture animals.

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posted 10-30-00 17:04 ET (US)     7 / 18  
Caesar Alan: I believe you are correct. You can place a maximum of 8 sheep per carding shed and 8 goats per dairy. Each sheep is sheared one a year and each goat is milked once a year, making an maximum annual production of 800 units per shed or dairy. New sheep or goats are sometimes born, but I think this only happens when you are below the 8 animal limit.

Some more observations. When you first place sheep or goats, they are ready for shearing/milking in 6 months. When a baby animal is born, it is ready for shearing/milking in 12 months. Once an animal has been sheared/milked, it is 12 months before it is ready again.

For example, if you place a new sheep in March, it will be ready for shearing in September. If the shepherd doesn't shear it until November, it will not be ready for shearing again until the following November.

posted 10-31-00 00:21 ET (US)     8 / 18  
One thing to note with sheep and oil is the benefit that Athena's Sanctuary can have. I recently made a map where I was able to produce over 160 fleece every year with only 10 carding sheds placed where Athena regularly walked past and blessed them. She also had a similar effect on my oil production.

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posted 10-31-00 01:26 ET (US)     9 / 18  
Oh, wouldn't a temple to Demeter have been a blessing in Miletus? My poor people nearly starved before Kraken met his demise.
posted 10-31-00 09:10 ET (US)     10 / 18  
Talk about blessings,

anybody figure out yet where to place the sanctuaries so they actually go and bless what they are supposed to bless?

My gods always seem to wander off opposite to where they are supposed to go - now, with Dionyeus I can see why , but the others seem to do it too.

I tried different locations, none was right - so far

posted 10-31-00 14:49 ET (US)     11 / 18  
regina, you can hoard food (wheat) in trading posts if you have a city to buy it. set it high to fill it up, then set it to zero. monsters and gods destroy farms and agoras but not trading posts. you can set your granaries to get to restock.
posted 10-31-00 15:06 ET (US)     12 / 18  
They don't destoy trading posts? Can anyone confirm that? I haven't got the final version yet but in the beta Kraken spent a lot of time destroying my piers.
posted 10-31-00 15:10 ET (US)     13 / 18  
The Kraken, and Poseidon for that matter, will roast your piers with alarming relish

Caesar Alan | The Appian Way | The Trojan Horse (currently offline)
This season I will be mostly doing... Microwave Spectroscopy
posted 10-31-00 15:12 ET (US)     14 / 18  
Hi Mere,

oh yes they do ... and boy what a thorough job they do too...

Even 'Hades' visited me once and systematically took out my fleece supply... after he left I assessed my damage and sighed of relief - he missed a couple - when he came back to take care of those too - must have realized too that he missed them

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posted 10-31-00 16:10 ET (US)     15 / 18  
>They don't destoy trading posts? Can anyone confirm that?

Each of the 11 gods has a set of buildings associated with it. Athena has olive presses and carding sheds, Poseidon has fishing warfs, urchin gatherers and trading piers, etc. Their monsters kill all cart pushers they meet, and destroy buildings of their god's type. (Zeus is the uber-god, with all buildings under being his domain. I forget who his pet monster is now...)

When a god is happy, they bless all buildings they like of that type. When a god is annoyed or attacking a city, they'll destroy the same buildings.

I've had success hiding food from Demieter in trading piers (water trade route) and trading posts (land based trade route) when she was out to destroy all farms, grainaries and angoras that carried food stalls. I probably could have hidden the wheat in warehouses as well, but trading houses/piers accept 60 wheat, and they were what I had handy at the time.

I want to say Mercury has trading posts under his domain making them safe from attacks by other gods, but that was C3...

Interesting, a suggestion made by someone from Greece that Poseiden boosts not just fisheries but also horse ranches because Poseiden is also the god of horses (the sound of waves can sound like horses hooves) made it into the game. Poseiden is a difficult god to build a city to utilize his blessings from, however, and his temple is just enormous, being ranked god #2 after Zeus. By the time you build his sanctuary, the scenario's generally over.

Maybe there'll be some later scenarios where Poseiden's sanctuary is already built on the map and we have to build a city around it.

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posted 10-31-00 17:39 ET (US)     16 / 18  
Hephaestus destroyed sculpture studios, trading post with bronze in it, a storehouse holding inoffensive fleece and oil, went on to destroy mints and set the housing block on fire.

He was worse on his second visit

Angel Gustavia
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posted 10-31-00 17:50 ET (US)     17 / 18  
Yeah Gus,

but once the sanctuary of Aphrodite was complete, people lived happy ever after.........

posted 11-19-00 19:20 ET (US)     18 / 18  
maximum...annual...production of 8 CARTS??

Whoa, no wonder I have a massive overabundance of fleece with 200 sheep (25 sheds)...


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