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Topic Subject: Helpme!!! Granaries and food stock.. Deliverymen crazy????
posted 12-02-00 17:03 ET (US)   
Hi... I have a little problem.. the thing is that I have plenty of food (because the deliverymen of the farms are around with nowhere to go). I have 2 granaries and some storehouese with the orders to accept the wheat so I dont loose anything, but the problem is that my granaryes are empty... I try with "get" on the granaries but nothing happens, I tried accept on both granaries and the storehouses but the granaries are still empty and the stupid guys saying "there is no space bla bla bla" WHAT HAPPEN HERE?????? HELPPPPPP!!!!!!???????? Thanjyou if anyone can answer me (Im VETERAN in those games ok??, so I tried EVRETHING)
posted 12-02-00 17:27 ET (US)     1 / 2  
Hi Sorda You have to turn off your store houses from accepting food. Food will always go to accepting store houses first, before the granaries. Granaries 'get' command gets food from other granaries, not store houses. Also check employment in the granaries - if you are even one worker missing, they won't accept. If your employment is OK, then set your store houses to empty & your granaries to accept ... and hopefully the food will end up in the right place. Once you've done this, don't worry if the cartpushers are standing around because there isn't room in your granaries - as soon as there's space they will go there.

If it still doesn't work, post back and we'll have to think further.

posted 12-02-00 17:36 ET (US)     2 / 2  

also make sure your granaries have road connection.. to where your not moving carts are ;

(also, if store house is connected to granary and set to 'empty' wheat it will be taken to granary that 'accepts'.)

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