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Topic Subject: A miracle! too cheap a victory monument
posted 12-02-00 13:22 ET (US)   
Hi,I've just met a rather funny thing in the very first episode of first adventure:while I was trying to figure out from where the Cithaerons will attack my city,I think the best way is to make a request for money from these already "furious" did it.The mountain people granted me 500 Drs in march,then became hostile,in June,I see the "Invasion!" screen.When I was busying moving my newly raised 2 1/4 rabble companies(with 6 food requested from another opponent,Eleusis),suddenly I was informed a vitory! and I didn't even have see any enemies in sight!lol

I guess this was either a bug or a result of my insane behavier:the episode designer did not expect that someone will invite an invasion at that time.

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posted 12-02-00 14:13 ET (US)     2 / 3  
To be serious,I guess the game engine build up the invasion force gradually,at 6 months into the game,the invasion force maybe is 0 soldiers,so they are "defeated"...just a guess(as an evidence,the 1st Eleusis invasion came with only 2 swordsman,which came several months later).
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Also an invasion force will retreat if they're greatly outnumbered. I've had ships land and then immediately retreat, giving me a victory.

I too thought there were 0 troops on board, but actually they didn't want to come out and play. When I restored from an earlier save and deleted all the water carriers to my city, thereby reducing my rabble army to less than 1 unit, then the invasion force was willing to come off the ship and fight instead of turning tail immedaitely after touching the beach. Still, only four soldiers came out, so I can see why they turned tail so quickly.

Seemed kinda silly to have a giant ship come all this way to only land four solfiers, but there it was.

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