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Zeus: Game Help
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Topic Subject: Some thoughts and concerns with Zeus
posted 12-01-00 09:03 ET (US)   

Some thoughts on Zeus...

When Pharoah first came out I bought it and played it through to the end, as with Cleopatra. I then bought Ceaser 3 and although not completed I

did enjoy the game, especially the bright and vivid colours used compared to those in Pharoah.

I have just purchased Zeus and decided to work my way through the tutorial levels before starting the campaigns. However there are some initial

concerns that I am sure the good people in this group can answer for me.

The keys that were assigned under Pharoah for certain information like the risk to buildings of fire, damage, health and water, to name just a

few, do not seem to be there in Zeus.

The game, I believe, is supposed to be more 'simplistic' in its management of your city, I find this may have been true in concept but in its

implimentation in the game I am finding it more difficult to navigate the interface and get the information that I want as quickly as that in


Its use of an automated military response is a little hit and miss, but at least that is taken from your control, if you wish, to 'ease' the less

experienced of us into the other management aspects of the city. However as the armies are made up from your general population, rather than forts

I then find that as they go to 'war' my labour shortages become acute.

Who wrote tha manual, I find its fictional storyline of writing a novel rather than a manual in its truest sense very difficult to read and hard

to find the information that I want.

Is it possible, through any 'hack' to have the resolution above 1024x768, as I am playing this on a 22" monitor and feel that the city would be

more manageable under a higher resolution ?

The above concerns, except the resolution change, maybe resolved by just more time in playing the game, but my first impressions are that of some

dissapointment with comparison to Pharoah, I just hope that I have the comittment to stick with it to find the more advanced features, are there

many (?), to this new chapter in the City management games. There is of course every possibility that my concerns, as I work through the actual

campaigns, are not real and I hope that Zeus is a worthy companion to Pharoah.



posted 12-01-00 10:12 ET (US)     1 / 7  
The risks are there just not called risks anymore The place where you can select water and engineering buildings has the water coverage, medical coverage and other types of right at the top with little buttons to push The interface does take some getting use to but is really easier to use than C3, Pharaoh or Cleo But it is an adjustment
posted 12-01-00 10:55 ET (US)     2 / 7  
One shortcut I noticed, was that you can switch between "tabs" (Housing, Hygiene & safety, etc) using mouse scroll buttons, if you have them Something for my middle finger to do rather than swear at the screen when people get angry with me

posted 12-01-00 13:13 ET (US)     3 / 7  
I don't know how far you've got, morgan, but while a lot of things are more simplistic, there are a lot of 'extras' - for example the interaction between you & other cities & states ... get your diplomacy wrong & you can find that you're being invaded & even ending up as a vassal to them. I also find the requirements for each mission & for getting the heroes' halls more interesting ... they tie up with the story-line very well too.

Carry on giving it a go & I hope that you'll really enjoy it in the end ... but don't think of it as another C3 or Pharaoh. You build houses & immigrants come ... that about where the similarity ends

posted 12-01-00 14:26 ET (US)     4 / 7  
I noticed that too Gill

Especially when in the demo I built all my houses right near my industry, before remembering I didn't need to - D'oh!

posted 12-01-00 20:00 ET (US)     5 / 7  

Thankyou for your replies and yes I suppose a direct comparison between Zeus and Pharoah is not really fair.
However it is really the interface that I need to get to grips with, and I am sure that the additional features that the game has to offer will keep me playing.
As I am still concluding the tutorial it is nice that some of you who have been playing the game have replied with with such positive help and advice.
I have downloaded the 'fix' for the logitech mouse wheel and now it will scroll through the 'tabs' where as before it wouldn't work.
And yes I now am becoming to understand that housing does not have to be near my industry.
Still a higher resolution would be useful

Thanks again for your help


posted 12-01-00 20:06 ET (US)     6 / 7  
The interface is hard to get used to. I was a beta-tester so have been playing the game for quite a while - & I still go to the top bar occasionally to consult my advisers. When it's been ingrained over 2 previous long running games, it's hard to get my brain round something completely different. When I do remember to look in the right place, it is a lot easier to find things & check on what's going on
posted 12-02-00 13:08 ET (US)     7 / 7  
I would have to agree-the interface is not as good as C3's and Pharoah's. I like haveing all the advisors in one group rather than one advisor in each tab.

I really should finnish C3.
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