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Topic Subject: Elite Housing Goods
posted 11-27-00 11:40 ET (US)   
When an elite house is first placed food, fleece and oil are taken from the storage yards to stock the house. After that is it mandatory that they continually receive these basic goods, or is a common agora with armor, wine and horses satisfactory?

I noticed the amount of basic goods diminishing but never waited around long enough to see if they would be replinished automatically, never wanted to risk it and just placed a grand agora with all vendors.
Any response would be appreciated.

posted 11-27-00 11:55 ET (US)     1 / 2  
The initial stock of goods will last for some time, but once it's gone, the elite houses will devolve and the inhabitants will leave. You need to have a vendor from an agora with food, fleece and oil pass your elite houses. You can't get away with just the wine, armour and horses unless you only need the elite houses for a short while (to meet the episode's goals for example). So your elite housing blocks really need a grand agora or two common agoras.
posted 12-02-00 18:20 ET (US)     2 / 2  
I agree. Although they don't need water, they need all the vendors. I haven't done the horses yet, but I intend to soon e nuff. I also havent seen horsemen in battle, but that will have to be 4 another day, eh?

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