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Zeus: Game Help
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Topic Subject: All the small things in Zeus
posted 11-26-00 01:16 ET (US)   
1. When starting the game,
Involving Gods....
Recruitng Heros...
Teasing Monsters...
Gathering sheep...
Stocking Urchins...

I have a question, is an urchin a kind of pricky fish? Because when I build an urchin dock, the guys seem to dive into a bunch of urchins to catch them. What kind of fishing method is that anyway?

2. Notice the guy on top of the platform in the Maintenance Office has a flame on his ass.

3. There are 4 kinds of road. One is really pathetic because of low desirability. The second is the one you normally see. The third is paved because of good desirability. And the last is REALLY good and you will only find it in the elite block.

4. It takes 3 people to produce olive oil but 2 people to produce wine.
By the way, the method for producing olive oil is really funny. A guy is swinging up and down at the end of the pole. Hahahaha!

5. In the beginning of the FMV movie, Zeus destroyed a Titan which is a multi-headed serpent. (distant cousin of the Hydra?)

In Walt Disney's Hercules, Zeus trapped the titans (note plural) in a mythical prison. Then Hades went to release them in order to destory Zeus.

My question is, which one is true according to the Greek Mythology?

I would appreciate it if anyone could answer my questions. Thank you.

posted 11-26-00 01:39 ET (US)     1 / 2  
I want to add another small funny things too! 1. You can place many many goats/sheeps at one single meadow space. 2. The guy at the storehouse is having itchy a$$! 3. Those men at gym are naked! 4. A kid is throwing stone at the guard infront of palace!

posted 11-26-00 19:34 ET (US)     2 / 2  
As I recall, Hades was "one of the good guys" in mythology. I believe it was Gaia or maybe just bad luck that led to the war with the titans. But I do know that it was said that only a mortal could kill them, and that's where Hercules came in.
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