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Topic Subject: Priests and agora ladys steal my wheat!!!
posted 11-25-00 10:48 ET (US)   

i'm playing the second colony (Miletos) of the Perseus and Medusa scenario. I have met all goals but the 16 wheat one. After i imported some wheat from Egypt and stored it in a warehouse, some priests (i have 3 sanctuaries) showed up and took almost everything. Then an agora lady came to the warehouse instead of the granary where she usually goes and took the rest!!! Now i don't know if the priests are allowed to take wheat from warehouses, but the manual clearly says that agora ladys aren't supposed to! It could be that it was because the granary was almost empty, those **** priests use more food than my 2300 people.

I suppose i'll have to stockpile wheat, but i want to get one more prayer from Hades, will he be pissed if he doesn't get sacrifices???

-- Kaz
posted 11-25-00 12:07 ET (US)     1 / 4  
Kaz.. I feel your pain

Stockpiling didnt even work for me when I found myself in exactly the same position.

Check this out.. it might give you some ideas:

Perseus and Medusa-Miletos colony

Good luck

Angel Gustavia
Caesar III Pharaoh
Zeus Gustavia's Garden

posted 11-25-00 14:28 ET (US)     2 / 4  
Cut the road to stop the market lady from picking it up Soon as it's delivered send it off to stop the priest from stealing it
posted 11-25-00 14:53 ET (US)     3 / 4  
What I found the easiest to do was get this request done early in the episode before there were a lot of priests. At this point, that's probably too late for you, Kaz. If you set the wheat to stock pile, that should keep the food buyers away from it. The only problem with trying to send before the priests get it is that the request is for 16 and the ships only bring 12 in a load. Priests will go overland to get sacrifices, so cutting the road won't stop them. Either start over-producing food or delete some houses so you have a small labor shortage, setting religion at a lower priority than the others. Even with one worker short in each temple, the priests should stop looking for sacrifices. Of course, you won't get your blessings!


posted 11-26-00 10:07 ET (US)     4 / 4  
Thanks everyone

Labor shortage did wonders Just lowered the wages to high and voila! Didn't need Hades' blessing as it turned out, i was making 10-15k a year when i came back to Argos One elite block was already waiting for armor and horses, i had completed the sanct to Hermes in mission 2 and to Athena and Zeus in mission 4, so i just had to build the one to Dionysos and wait for the Medusa to show up... piece of cake!

Now playing Athens, hope that one's gonna be tougher.

-- Kaz
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