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Topic Subject: Z&E trading
posted 11-21-00 03:52 ET (US)   
Everything in Thebes is hunky-dory, except that I can't finish the assignment to have 11 trading partners, because there are only 10 cities to trade with. Does another one come along later, or is it hopeless because I failed to send troops earlier to save Mt. What's-Its-Name from Talos, and it all but vanished?
posted 11-21-00 04:02 ET (US)     1 / 5  
Another one will come along later. I got round the problem by sending as many gifts as possible to Argos. Whether that actually worked or not, I don't know, since I never got a chance to see which city decided to become my 11th trading partner - it was either Argos or another city which had been hidden but re-appeared after I'd killed the Maenad for the second time.

Angel Reckless Rodent
posted 11-21-00 08:59 ET (US)     2 / 5  
Same thing happened to me mystery trading partner
posted 11-21-00 09:01 ET (US)     3 / 5  
I thought having 11 trading partners meant having 11 trading posts/piers. I had those suckers all over the place. What a mess I guess I could have left some of them out, eh...
posted 11-21-00 09:12 ET (US)     4 / 5  
In my case it was the 'rival' 'Hattat...' that had to be conquered to make it eleven .

Sorry, got mixed up - its Mt.Pelion and I think they will come around .

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posted 11-25-00 04:21 ET (US)     5 / 5  
C Fran, Yah.. the last trading partner was Mt Pelion. It disappeared at the beginning, but after I killed the Maenad(?) like 3 or 4 times, Mt Pelion showed up again and my pop barely filled at 4000(no more no less).

I used SentEr Hecules block, and two Elite blocks but I replaced the tax houses with common houses at the end to boost pop to 4000.

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