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Zeus: Game Help
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Topic Subject: Block for Hercules Missions
posted 11-20-00 10:38 ET (US)   
I have designed a block which I am using in missions where Herc is required. It works well in Ephesus and in Lerna in the 'Hercules Labours' adventure and it would also work well, I suppose in the first episodes of 'Zeus & Europa'.

It can, with a bit of extra appeal tweaking, hold 1620 people but left alone it comes close to the 1500 you need to call Herc. It only needs one M.O. as the schools, palace and stadium are serviced by the inner ring M.O.

All you need is wine. It gives a lot of employment and not much worker demand so I've had to set my wages to low and build lots of industry/husbandry to control my unemployment. All you need extra in a Herc mission is a food/distribution/trade/industry block.

The two theatres to the right of the columns is the stadium.
The 9 monuments to the right of the columns is the palace.
The monument under the Herc Hall is for a quest statue.

No avenues are needed if the mission does not allow them. The columns are window dressing and can be left out if you want to take more money out of the episode.


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posted 11-20-00 13:17 ET (US)     1 / 7  
This next glyph is unrelated to Hercules, other than the fact it is for the Lemnos colony in the 'Hercules Labours' mission. It is here for reference for me for when I replay it tonight.

The extra M.O.s are for extra-Hesphaeastus protection. He's a major arsonist
The blank square is the trigger house to win the mission. The 33 houses shown will give 1980 people.


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posted 11-22-00 19:52 ET (US)     2 / 7  
These are great glyphs! I've downloaded all of your cities and they look great! I have my own modified version of the common housing block shown on page 43 in the Prima guide, and hope to be able to display it as soon as a block generator have been designed for Zeus.


posted 11-24-00 11:29 ET (US)     3 / 7  
hello! I have been looking at SenetEr blocks all nights. I am a newbie in all these blocks and stuffs, and I tried your Hercules block and it worked very well until the water carrier start doing funky things... they turn back at the second corner and eh.. nevermind..

I have a question, what are those "fountains"? I saw another post you say those "fountains" are actually benches in Zeus.. is that true? that will looks pretty weird I think... what if I put parks or columns there, is it going to have different effects? Thanks.

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posted 11-24-00 11:51 ET (US)     4 / 7  
Hello Ritz & Welcome! )

I've had that happen, too. I usually find a building or garden or something to take out and replace with another water carrier because it seems once they start going in another direction, they just won't give it up.

posted 11-25-00 18:18 ET (US)     5 / 7  
Last night I moved the roadblock to the left by one grid, so the water carrier and MO guy can walk in any direction they want. But still the waterboy still turn around at the same corner! Grrr...
posted 11-26-00 15:22 ET (US)     6 / 7  
Hello Ritz,
water bearers are a pain in the... guess where... They do such things pretty often, and sometimes I use 3 fountains in a block where 1 of each of the other service buildings is enough - just to be sure that I don't have any problems.

I think you can replace benches with park, there is no big difference in desirability ... oops! I mean appeal effect.

Bench: 2,2,1,1
Park (called Garden in the model): 3,2,1
The main difference is that appeal range of benches is greater... but anyway, a few commemorative monuments can bring any block to appeal high enough for townhouses.
BTW, there still is "desirability" in the model file, it remained there from Caesar and Pharaoh times - so if you didn't play these games, don't panic : appeal and desirability are precisely the same.

Cherub Baltic

posted 11-27-00 09:33 ET (US)     7 / 7  
You may be confusing the glyphs somewhat. The water carrier should be on a 52 tile loop with no other options than to walk right around in a circle. BTW, I made a boo-boo in my design by using a forum ,instead of a bath, to represent the fountain. The blue dots are supposed to be columns. I apologize for the confusion.
I used gardens instead of avenues for the inner loop as not all early missions let you use avenues. The other beautification items are sorta interchangeable. I used columns here as I thought it work look good. They could be benches (more desirable) or parks (less desirable) or empty grass.

I've downloaded my Hercules missions to the download section. I think the block shown above is in use in the Ephesus mission Maybe it was Lerna.
The Lemnos block I used in the Aphrodite mission worked very well.

Ritz, e-mail me if you have any other questions.

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