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Topic Subject: Housing Block Concepts
posted 11-18-00 19:06 ET (US)   
Hey Folks,

I have seen a number of good housing blocks posted here, but all rely on concentric patterns. This is fine for everything but culture. I find that with concentric patterns, a certain amount of cultural instability (over the long haul) is unavoidable. So I prefer a closed "J" block concept.

I lack the skills to draw it here, but you can see my housing ideas on display in my best city in the Download section, "Sharpe-Sparta", which is Sparta (Peloponnesian War) at Olympian Difficulty.

For worker blocks, I use a 16x19 grid, with an internal "J" shaped road along which the houses are lined up (the houses do not abut the exterior road). The exterior roads are present soley for the use of cart pushers and soldiers. I place the culture facilities at the dead end of the J, which forces culture walkers to visit every house continuously. This block holds 21 houses (1280 max pop) so it is less efficient than Grumpus or SenetEr's blocks. However it is rock stable, looks nice , and provides increbility high levels of culture and happiness.

For elite blocks I tried several things; now I just use a straight strip block (a single road lined by Boulevards) with culture facilities at the end. Elite houses along the boulevard, with a mix of hedge mazes and monuments behind the houses. If you have a nice flat plain, you can line up 3 or 4 strip blocks next to each other (allowing them to overlap the monuments in between) and easily get to 20 hoplite companies. (You can fit 12 elite houses in a block without overextending your walkers). 12 manors will produce 6 hoplite companies, so 3 of these blocks will make 18 companies. If you want to truly max your army, build 4 blocks with 10 manors each.

Just a few thoughts...


posted 11-18-00 22:56 ET (US)     1 / 1  
Or to truly max your army, try 3 blocks of 14 houses.

I am experiemnting with a block that has 22 common houses and 6 estates in a 22x24 area. I figure if I'm going to stick a theatre, gym and podium in every block I make, I may as well benefit. I'll post it if it works like I hope.

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