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Topic Subject: Dispatching Troops
posted 11-16-00 12:28 ET (US)   
I posted this in the General Discussion forum by mistake. Oh well, these things happen.

Am I missing something? I read the manual on dispatching troops and I still see now way to place troops unless I go back and forth from the palace to the attack point.
That can't be right, I must be doing something wrong, there has to be a way to select and place the company from the control panel but everytime I do it takes me to the company at the palace.
What about after the battle is over and I send them home, the flag is still there, shouldn't it go back to the palace on it's own. Do I realy have to go back and forth to return every flag to the palace.
The manual did say you could click and drag to select multiple companies but does that work initially, can I click and drag over the whole palace to send all companies to an attack point?
I know what your thinking why don't you just try it, but I am just thinking of this now and I am not at home, rest assured I will try it tonight but in the meantime any clarification on my ignorance would be appreciated.

posted 11-16-00 14:12 ET (US)     1 / 5  
Sad news. You are unable to control the movement of standards from the control panel. This can only be achieved through autodefend or manual control.

You can move any number of standards at the same time to the same place by clicking on one and drawing a big box around the others, then clicking on the position of attack. To return the standards to the palace do the same thing and click on the palace.

There is also the option of leaving the standards on the field and commanding the units back to the city from the control panel. Click on the unit button till it reads (going home). You will have to do this to each individual unit.

Hope this helps clarify things.

posted 11-16-00 17:51 ET (US)     2 / 5  
i also haven't had any luck with moving multiple units at the same time. can't seem to do it at all. and i don't like the AutoDefend either, this from someone who hates to fight. The one time i was invaded and still had autodefend on, the stupid troops went to the wrong place to intercept the interlopers. Bad Bad Bad.

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posted 11-16-00 21:24 ET (US)     3 / 5  
I am afraid I haven't been able to move the troops in groups either. I guess it may be fixed in a future patch, maybe.

However, I tend to just leave my flags in several general areas where I expect invasions. That way I don't have to move them back to the palace each time. It doesn't seem to cause problems and does make it a lot easier, especially in those missions where I get pounded on a lot.

Homegrown, I have also found that autodefend is usually not the best way to go either. Autodefend makes even me look like a great general

Also, I just noticed that I am limited to 20 companies. Recently I build up an army of 20 companies of mounties! They sure look grand, but no one will come out and play with them! What a shame, but at least they pay lots of taxes.


posted 11-17-00 08:19 ET (US)     4 / 5  
Moving troops in groups is a bit cumbersome, but it can be done. The counterintuitive part is that you have to first select an individual company, by clicking on its standard. Once that's done, you can then drag out a box over all the companies you want to group. You can then assign the groups numbers, using CTRL+1,2,3, etc. I would suggest assigning groups at a comparatively stage. When you need to summon troops, you can then do it one group at a time, using ALT+ the relevant number. This eliminates the need to click on individual companies, which can be a problem in the heat of battle.


posted 11-17-00 10:16 ET (US)     5 / 5  
Thank you all for the suggestions, I will put them to good use. It would have been sweet to select the companies from the control panel, but nothing is perfect.
Thanks again
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