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Topic Subject: Trading Partners
posted 11-15-00 21:00 ET (US)   
What do I need to do to establish trade with Mt. Pelion, in Zeus and Europa?
I am on the episode where you have to make a 4000 yearly profit, 5000 people, slay Maenad (the chick monster thingy), and 12 trading partners.
I have 11 partners, but Mt. Pelion shut themselves down several years ago, and I havn't been able to re-establish a connection? What do you do to do so? I have met all of the other objectives.
posted 11-16-00 03:12 ET (US)     1 / 1  
When people won't trade with you, it's because you haven't opened diplomatic relations with them, or you've pissed them off, or it's been scripted that way.

The solutions are as varied.

1 You can try giving them gifts of things they need and hope they begin to like you enough to start trading with you.

2 You can conquer them and make them a vassal where they not only trade with you, but pay tribute as well.

3 You can wait for a scripted event which will open the trade route.

In that episode, if i remember correctly, i had to conquer one of the cities and the other opened from a scripted event. Sometimes you just have to wait it out.

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