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Topic Subject: Re-establish trading
posted 11-15-00 00:10 ET (US)   
Got into playing ZEUS recently and in the Hercules and Europa scenerio.

Got into a situation whereby 2 of the 11 cities has ceased all contact with the outside world and had since stopped trading. I've managed to rid of the Mae-women and somehow the cities aint coming back to civilisation.

Any help ??

posted 11-15-00 01:31 ET (US)     1 / 3  
Hi Tytr and welcome to the Zeus Heaven Forums.

Is that the episode where you need 11 trade partners?

When people won't trade with you, it's because you haven't opened diplomatic relations with them, or you've pissed them off, or it's been scripted that way.

The solutions are as varied.

1 You can try giving them gifts of things they need and hope they begin to like you enough to start trading with you.

2 You can conquer (sp?) them and make them a vassal where they not only trade with you, but pay tribute as well.

3 You can wait for a scripted event which will open the trade route.

In that episode, if i remember correctly, i had to conquer (here's that word again) one of the cities and the other opened from a scripted event. Sometimes you just have to wait it out.

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posted 11-15-00 13:30 ET (US)     2 / 3  
I had around 3-4 of those Maenads invade. After killing a couple one city came back and after taking care of the others and conquering Mt. Citheron, Mt. Pelion came back also. I don't think you have to take over Citheron, but I was getting bored waiting it out. Also send lots of gifts and make everyone think really well of you.
posted 11-15-00 15:18 ET (US)     3 / 3  
Thanx folks for all the prompt replies/
Okay herez the scenerio:

Mae-women came along
Mt Pelion ceased contact with the world
Eleucius (spelling) also ceased contact with the world after bout 6 months..something bout invasion of the Mae-women.
Built an Achilles Hall and killed the first Mae-women that stepped into my holy city, Thebes.
After bout 2 years, no sign of the 2 cities coming back to humanity. Realised that I've got a trading post that sits there as long as I can remember without trading and when I enabled the selling and buying, the very next month Eleucius came to the embracement of humanity.

I realised that this might be the answer to aiding Mt Pelion back to humanity but alas !! I did not build any trading post for Mt Pelion in the first place before it went into recussion, and therez no way to build one after that !!!

Hopefully U dudes are correct and that the script will save my day and end this episode.

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