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Minor Downloads Update

Posted on December 28, 2001 by Angel Jayhawk

Just a quick message that a dozen or so cities and scenarios have been added to the download section.

Hope you enjoy them!

Stop the Violence Contest

Posted on November 22, 2001 by Angel Jayhawk

This may seem a little bit late, but we had a little misunderstanding of was could make the Caesar 3 Heaven headlines.

A contest has started. Test your skills, there are prizes to win!

During another onofficial contest, organized by the wellknown Duan Xuan (not to be confused with Byron’s romantic character), one entry(by yours truly) was hailed as the preliminary winner(final judgement pending).
This entry in it’s final updated version, called “Stoptheviolence”, has been thoroughly tested and is IMHO a perfect scenario to carry a contest. This contest is different especially for it’s rules. You can read these rules by clicking HERE
You can download the contest map HERE

Pontius Pilatus

The bad news is there’s only a week left before the contest closes on December 1st.
The good news is that you need only play one map and can win a game of your choice.

Still here?

Forums offline

Posted on November 19, 2001 by Angel Jayhawk

As you may have noticed the forums have been taken offline for a while.

We are aware of this and hope to get them back online as soon as possible.

Heavengames XIII: Stronghold

Posted on November 17, 2001 by Angel Jayhawk

On behalf of the Stronghold Team I’d like to welcome you to our
latest site: Stronghold Heaven.

The site will offer you the things you’ve come to expect from Heavengames, such as walkthroughs, game information, downloads and forums.

We hope you enjoy our efforts.

Which leaves me but one more thing to do, which is introduce our first Stronghold Cherub: Gill Britannica.

She’s done a great job in helping us get the site ready in time for opening and will watch over you in the Economic Mission forum.

Please give her a warm welcome.

The sound of giggling was heard among the lofty clouds of Heaven

Zoo Tycoon Review

Posted on November 11, 2001 by Angel Reckless Rodent

AOMH’s Angel Thunder got his hands on a copy of the recently-released Zoo Tycoon recently and decided to put it through its paces. So, did he enjoy feeding visitors to the lions and showing off his amazing performing penguins? You can find out by reading his review of the game.

Caesar III World Championships

Posted on November 1, 2001 by Angel Reckless Rodent

The folks at have outdone themselves again, this time hosting the Caesar III World Championships: proudly presents: the Caesar 3 World Championships! Over the course of the next four weeks, we will be hosting a number of events designed to find out just who is the best Caesar 3 player of the moment.

Click here to see what all the fuss is about.

Storm a Stronghold, anyone?

Posted on October 26, 2001 by Angel Jayhawk

With the sounds of chanting monks and catchy folk tunes while you build your castle and defend it from the attacking hordes of Duke Beauregard and his friend, Stronghold turns out to be a wonderful mix between City Building and Real Time Strategy.

While it has a more martial elelment Impression’s City Builders, Firefly‘s Stronghold offers a lot more (micro-) resource management than games like Age of Kings or Cossacks.

It just hit the stores here in Europe and it seems the US will be taken by storm pretty soon.

Bored? Find out more about Stronghold or just downlaod the demo.

Lords of the Realm 3 Announced

Posted on October 12, 2001 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Pulling up Impressions’s main page shows that we need no longer wait to see what it is they’re working on next:

Impressions Games™ and Sierra™ today announced development of Lords of the Realm� III, the long-awaited return of the companies’ highly successful Lords of the Realm series of games. The ultimate medieval simulation, Lords III covers the entire life of being a lord in the middle ages – castle building and design, rural estate management, acquiring knights and soldiers to make armies, warfare and conquest, politics and diplomacy, and the struggle with or against the Church, and with the rising merchant class. The elements that made the Lords of the Realm series a best seller worldwide are now powered by an all-new 3-D graphics engine designed to catapult the game to the forefront of the strategy genre in late 2002. More information can be found at

Hint: Impressions’s Next Game

Posted on October 11, 2001 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Thanks to the 3 people (Cherub bobT, Sigbj�rn Koks�ter, and Quinn) who dropped me a line informing me of this little mystery currently being drawn out for its full effect on the Impressions website. Looks to me like a logo for their upcoming game, to be revealed no later than October 18th. It’s still pretty fuzzy at the moment, but it’s looking to be like there might be some fisticuffs going on ;).

A Zed and two Noughts

Posted on October 2, 2001 by Angel Jayhawk

Ever wondered what it’s like to run a Zoo?
Angel Thunder, the lucky man, had the priviledge of playing around with Zoo Tycoon well before it is released and wrote us a neat review.

Why are you still here?

Merger of user databases approaching

Posted on September 5, 2001 by Angel Jayhawk

Time for a bit of a technical talk.

A long time ago we started with two separate databases, one for the Citybuilders and one for Age of Kings (and all that followed after). Now we’ve passed the stage where this was needed and the Powers Above (i.e. Zen) will be merging the two databases.
To make sure you’ll still be with us after the merger he asks you to make certain that your email address (as written in your profile)is:

  • accurate
  • an active account (i.e. we regularly get bounced emails from inactive hotmail users)
  • not filtered (i.e. AOL members sometimes might have too high of a restriction on their mail and thus resulting in forum emails being bounced)
  • not “overquota” (i.e. full mailbox)

… and most importantly, an account that you check regularly for mail.

We’ll be send out more details about the forum user database merge later in the month. Not being able to read these emails and follow the instructions contained in them could possibly result in your account being renamed or purged during the merge.

Age of Wonders Heaven 2001 PBEM World Tournament

Posted on September 4, 2001 by Angel Jayhawk

Angel Draco sent me a little message pointing me to this particular bit of information.

The AOW PBEM 2001 World Cup will feature both a Singles (1-vs-1) Event and a Doubles (2-vs-2) Event. Both events are open to all, and are now accepting entries. The closing date for entries is Sunday, September 9th, 2001 at 23:59 EDT (US Eastern Daylight Time).

The first round will be Monday, September 10th, and first round games will be distributed on Tuesday, September 11th.

Want to know more?
Just follow the link

Caesar 3 Enemy Catalog

Posted on July 17, 2001 by Angel Jayhawk

Long time forumer Jack Noir has had a few (and then some) hours to kill and did a lot of research on the varied and colourful enemy troops that at times decide to drop in for a jug of wine or two. So if you want to know whether the Carthagenians are as vicious as you were told and if it’s better to meet a Visigoth army on a map without cover.

I wish you lot’s of fun with the Caesar 3 Enemy Catalog.

I’ll be putting this news flash up in the Game Help and Community forums, so be sure to say thank you to Jack Noir.

New Look for HG Main

Posted on May 22, 2001 by Angel Reckless Rodent

We’ve felt for a while now that the HeavenGames portal page needed something of a redesign. So Angel Zen, man of action and general superhero that he is, took it upon himself to undertake that redesign. You can see the results of his labours here, and I hope you’ll agree that it was a job well done :).

Support Your Local Heaven

Posted on April 19, 2001 by Angel Jayhawk

Here’s a request from Up High.
We don’t ask a lot of you, other than to behave nicely on the forums 😉 but we do have an other request. You can help us keep HeavenGames up and running by having a look at the following page: Heaven Games Merchant Partners.

So if you need to get something from one of our partners, please use the provided links, as they will help us to keep these sites from disappearing into oblivion.


Meanwhile, on the Nile

Posted on March 31, 2001 by Angel Reckless Rodent

This newsflash is brought to you courtesy of our sister site Pharaoh Heaven:

Registration is now open for our latest Pharaoh competition, brought to you courtesy of Angels Gustavia and Baltic, and Cherub Bradius. Click here to find what it’s all about, and head over here to register your interest in participating.

Good luck :)!

Servers will be down this ‘Saturday’

Posted on February 14, 2001 by Angel Jayhawk

Our ISP company is going to be upgrading their power systems this weekend. Since upgrading their power supplies require the power to be turned off for safety reasons, ALL of HeavenGames will be inaccessible this Saturday night, February 17th, between the hours of 11pm – 1am Eastern Standard Time.

Toon Contest

Posted on February 12, 2001 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Angel Park over at Empire Earth Heaven is having a wee Toon Contest right now. Here’s what’s on offer:

Every Saturday a winner will be chosen from pictures sent during that week. People may send at the most three toons per week and may resend pictures again the next week. Winners will receive a special Empire Earth Calendar signed by Rick Goodman and a chance for the grand prize. Fans only win one calendar. The last week (July 28, 2001) of the contest the top three people will be chosen from all the winners and will recieve special prizes from Stainless Steel Studios. The #1 winner will be named “Master Empire Earth Toon Maker” and will recieve one additional prize.

More information is available here.

Contest Winners Announced

Posted on February 11, 2001 by Angel Gustavia

Cherub Baltic has announced the winners of “The Gods Must Be Crazy” Caesar III competition. Stop by and offer your congratulations to Max (Expert), Gomericus (Novice) and Dorito the Merciless (Apple) for their first place achievements and a big round of applause for all the contestants that finished the competition.

One more competition

Posted on February 10, 2001 by Angel Jayhawk

Over at Pharaoh Heaven Cherub Baltic is about to start a new competition. Based on a map and idea by Angel Jayhawk (hey, that’s me!) and tweaked by the great competition designer himself it might just be the thing to keep you busy for the next three weeks.

Two Cherub Contests

Posted on February 7, 2001 by Angel Gustavia

Only a few more days, Governors, until time is up on Cherub Baltic’s Caesar III competition The Gods Must be Crazy. You have until Saturday, Feb 10th, midnight in your own time zone to stuff as many folks as possible on his challenging map. Head over to the Reviewer’s Corner for all the details.

And, for those interested in more than just Roman History, check out AOK Cherub Dimitrios’ essay contest The Life of Khan. Impress us with your knowledge of the great Genghis Khan and you might even win a HG T-shirt. Come on City Builders, we all know you lurk at AOKH 🙂 The deadline for the Essay contest is Feb. 23rd.

Cherub Baltic to hold Competition

Posted on January 21, 2001 by Angel Gustavia

Our own Cherub Baltic is preparing a map to challenge all Caesar III Governors in a little friendly competition. You can let him know if you are interested here in the Reviewer’s Corner forum. You will not want to miss out on this opportunity. As one who helped test the maps for the Pharaolympics, I can tell you Cherub Baltic has a reputation for interesting and some say diabolical maps. Just ask some of the veterans.

Be sure and check back on Friday Jan. 26th for all the details.

HeavenGames Launches Cossacks Heaven

Posted on January 20, 2001 by Angel Reckless Rodent

HG are pleased to announce the opening of Cossacks Heaven. Here’s what it’s all about:

Cossacks Heaven will be dedicated to feature extensive coverage of European Wars: Cossacks, from basic information such as unit stats, to resources for players to get better at their game. The site includes a download section, powered by proprietary software developed by HeavenGames, for gamers to submit their own customized maps, “mod-packs”, scenarios and campaigns. In addition, the site includes community-building features such as a player’s list, clans directory, and forums.

Read the full press release here.